Injecting neurotoxins in your face is not for everyone, but more and more women are getting Botox at an early age hoping to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Many dermatologists agree that’s effective, but others warn of the dangers of getting regular Botox injection earlier than your late thirties.

Botox injections include a purified form of the neurotoxin produced by the bacteria clostridium botulinum and they work by preventing “communication” between nerves and muscles. The process keeps skin smooth by basically paralyzing facial muscles.

The effects of Botox injections last for months, but shots aren’t cheap. If you’re not sure if you should start this cosmetic treatment early on or wait for wrinkles, read on for the most important facts that offer answers to the questions of why start Botox early and why not.

Why Start Botox Early

Many dermatologists advise starting Botox injections in your 20s in order to maximize its effect and prevent the signs of aging, but that’s not the only reason used by those seeking to answer the question of why start Botox early. Some studies have backed up the claims that Botox injections can actually prevent the formation of wrinkles, making a strong case for starting the regular cosmetic procedure before you turn 30.

Prevent Wrinkles

A 2006 study conducted at the Department of Head and Neck Surgery, UCLA School of Medicine is the most often cited source for the benefits of starting Botox early. Identical twin sisters participated in the 13 year study, with one getting Botox injections regularly and the other just twice. After more than a decade, the twin that got injected twice or three times a year kept her forehead smooth, while the other showed the regular signs of aging.

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Keep Skin Smooth

The study confirmed that Botox is effective in reducing the appearance of crow’s feet. If you’re still wondering why start Botox early, you should know that keeping the muscles under your skin relaxed means that it will stay smoother for longer. More than just the formation of wrinkles, skin maintains its elasticity when it’s not subjected to the constant movement.

Starting Botox Early

Fight Migraines

If you’ve ever struggled with migraines, Botox might provide relief, while also giving you the cosmetic benefits. The neurotoxin has been used to successfully treats adults with chronic migraines. This effect was only discovered in the ‘90s, but it’s been proven to be very effective in relief for people who suffer from headaches regularly.

Why Not Start Botox Early

While there seem to be plenty of benefits to starting Botox injections early, the side-effects are more controversial. From the huge costs associated with the treatment in the long run to the risk of premature aging, getting the neurotoxin injected in your muscles in your 20s might not be the best idea.

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Risk of Premature Aging

Some dermatologists argue against the use of Botox as a prevention measure. One of the best answers to the question of why not start Botox early is an increased risk of an aged appearance. Celebrities who abuse Botox are a good example of this, but the treatment simply hasn’t been available long enough to know the exact results it produces after decades of regular use. By constantly keeping your muscles disconnected from the nerves that should control them, you also risk the muscular mass wasting away.

Increased Risk of Side-Effects

If you start using Botox early on, you have a lot more time to experience the side effects. As your body changes, Botox might be very effective in your 20s, but you might discover that in your 50s the side effects are increasing while the power of the neurotoxin is decreasing.

When To Start Botox Injections

Astronomical Costs in the Long Run

With a price in the hundreds of dollars for treating a single area, Botox treatments can turn into a very expensive proposition if you start them before you turn 30 and keep doing the procedure regularly, up to 3 times a year.

Whether you’ve been convinced by the answers to the question of why start Botox early or you’d rather be cautious and wait, always make sure that you’re only injected by a licensed specialist.