Cleansing wipes are definitely practical, but they don’t always deliver on their promise of removing your makeup quickly and efficiently. Even if they do, they usually contain toxic ingredients that you really don’t want on your face.

Find out why cleansing wipes are bad for you and your skin, and why you should try to limit their use as much as possible. Even if it’s less convenient, giving up makeup remover wipes is definitely something you need to consider, because there are plenty of ways in which they can do more damage than good.

They Don’t Do the Job

Even though facial cleansing wipes look dirty after you rub them on your face, they don’t collect all the makeup, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that regular cleansing does. You can’t fix the problem by using multiple wipes, because all you’re doing is causing more damage to your skin by rubbing and they’ll leave behind more ingredients that could dry and irritate your skin.

They Can Be Drying

It doesn’t matter if you have dry, combination or oily skin. What makes cleansing wipes bad for you is the fact that they contain alcohol and other drying ingredients, including fragrance and preservatives. Stay away from makeup remover wipes if you have sensitive skin, and don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re fine for oily skin types. The drying effect can also disrupt the natural sebum production and mess with the natural balance of oily skin.

Are Makeup Wipes Bad

They Contain Dangerous Ingredients

Makeup remover wipes need to stay moist after opening the packet, so they contain preservatives that can cause irritation and even rashes. The most dangerous ones are methylisothiazolinone (MI) and 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-Diol, which is a formaldehyde releaser. Using facial cleansing wipes increases your risk of allergies and even dermatitis.

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They Aren’t Suited to Removing Makeup in the Eye Area

Even if they’re not really effective in removing makeup and dirt, using them to clean your eye area makes cleansing wipes really bad for you. The rubbing is definitely not recommended for this delicate area where your skin is particularly thin. Using facial cleansing wipes to remove eye makeup can lead to more fine lines and wrinkles.

They Prevent Other Products from Being Effective

If your skin hasn’t been properly cleaned, any product you apply after using wipes, from moisturizers and serums to eye creams for night use, won’t be as effective. Ultimately, you’ll be wasting the products by applying them on skin that’s still dirty. If you don’t have a choice in using facial wipes from time to time, follow them with a moisturizer, without other products.

They Can Cause or Increase Acne

Instead of removing the bacteria from your face with a good cleansing routine, using makeup remover wipes spreads it around. If you have trouble with acne, cleansing wipes are bad for you and you skin. When it’s not possible to use a good cleanser, get facial cleansing wipes with salicylic acid.

They Can Irritate Your Lips

Sensitive skin areas are even more prone to rashes and other problems caused by makeup remover wipes. While facial cleansing wipes aren’t usually recommended for use on the lips, using them even around the lips, on the vermilion border, can lead to problems.

Most Users Don’t Rinse with Water

If you’re forced to use makeup remover wipes, rinse your face thoroughly with water. This can reduce the damage cause by irritating and drying ingredients. One of the worst habits that makes cleansing wipes bad for you is using them on their own, and then going to bed without washing your face.

Makeup Removal Wipes Bad

Many Don’t Moisturize After Use

Even when they claim to have moisturizing effects, facial cleansing wipes can’t substitute a good moisturizers. If you have to use them, then make sure you use the right moisturizer for your skin type right after.

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They Aren’t Biodegradable

Few makeup remover wipes are 100 percent biodegradable. If you’re going to ignore the reasons that make cleansing wipes bad for you, at least remember to throw them in the trash and not flush them down the toilet.