Choosing a skin care product to suit your complexion is definitely not easy. Nowadays there are a myriad of products which claim to have miraculous effects over your skin, but in order for them to work, you need to ensure these creams offer your skin what it presently needs.

The vast range of products can be quite confusing, so what type of products suits your skin could turn out a difficult one. Knowing your skin type and finding out which ingredients could be linked to dealing with your skin’s needs can solve your problem and make you find the perfect products for you.

Perfect skin has no comparison and if you want to maintain your skin youthful and prevent or diminish the appearance of wrinkles, it’s best to start early, using appropriate products. To make things easier, we have put together some ingredients which have different impacts over our skin and you’ll also find out how to make the best of the mentioned products:

AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids AHAs have been used for centuries in skin rejuvenation as they are acids extracted from fruits. These acids, in higher concentrations are very effective in removing dead skin cells, blemishes and in diminishing surface acne scars, so if you want to obtain a fresh and fabulous complexion, turn towards AHA benefits.

AHAs are also collagen stimulants which will ensure your skin maintains it youthful look. However, their concentration level in cosmetic products are low, and will not offer the benefits of the products with a higher concentration of AHAs. Turn to your dermatologist if you need to get rid of blemishes or acne scars with AHA, for a professional treatment. AHA facial creams help diminish the appearance of fine lines and improve the skin texture. AHA is contained in: lemon extract, grape extract, apple extract

AntioxidantsSkin care products which are rich in antioxidants are popular as they help regenerate skin cells, thus preventing premature skin aging. Our skin is constantly subjected to free radicals which can damage the skin, radicals such as UV rays and aggressive molecules. Antioxidants help neutralize these molecules and maintain a fresh youthful complexion. Antioxidant facial creams are a perfect option for women over 25, so find a brand which satisfies your needs and budget. Examples of antioxidants: vitamin E, vitamin C, Q10, polyphenols

Lipids Our skin is constantly subjected to external factors which can have a negative impact over it. The skin’s surface provides a natural barrier against these factors, but we remove this barrier every single time we cleanse our skin, thus causing the skin to remain unprotected. Creams which contain lipids act as a barrier blocking the skin from the negative impact of the sun, pollution, cold, etc. The natural barrier of the skin is restored only after 3 hours, so protection is definitely necessary. Use products which have these ingredients if you have dry or sensitive skin. Examples of lipids: ceramides or essential fatty acids

Moisturizing Accelerator Substances These substances help restore the skin’s level of moisture as every day our body loses water, and this way the skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity. Moisturizing accelerator substances help to restore the skin’s level of moisture, leaving the skin looking and feeling fabulous. Facial creams which have such ingredients help diminish wrinkles formed due to dehydrated, dry skin, so if you have this problem such products are perfect for you. Examples of moisturizing accelerators: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, urea

Retinoid Retinoid creams are a perfect aid in combating aging signs as they help intensify the skin regeneration process and promote collagen production. Retinoids also help remove dead skin cells and so you’ll be able to enjoy your fab youthful skin for longer. They are perfect for women who’s skin is in need of a “rescue” from premature aging. Retinoid examples: retinol or vitamin A

What Skin Care Products Suit Your Skin?

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