Even with the best skin care routine, you can run into a lot of trouble if you miss some important factors that affect the healthy and beauty of your skin. Some of the biggest dangers are right at home, so taking a few steps to prevent them is always a good idea.

Discover the ways your home is ruining your skin and find out how to prevent the damage you might not even realize. From keeping the humidity at the right temperatures to protecting your skin from UV radiation indoors, here’s what you need to know.

1. Dry Air

Without a humidifier, colder months can take a real toll on your skin. Dry air doesn’t just suck moisture from your skin, it can also irritate your nasal passages. A humidifier in the bedroom can fix the problem at least during the night, when your skin can dry out even after you apply a good moisturizer.

2. Harsh Cleaning Products

Keeping everything in your home clean should be a priority, but using strong chemical products to clean your kitchen and bathroom isn’t always wise. Even if you always use gloves, chemical residue on clear surfaces means that your skin will come into contact with the chemicals later on, and that could be one of the ways your home is ruining your skin.

3. Dirty Air Conditioning

The filter in your AC unit need regular cleaning to prevent the formation of mold and other microorganisms that you’ll end up inhaling. While a dirty AC unit doesn’t impact your skin directly, it can contribute to allergies which will definitely have a negative impact on your skin.

4. Unfiltered Water

Even if you don’t drink tap water, it still gets all over your hair and skin when you shower, and that’s one of the ways your home is ruining your skin. Invest in a shower water filter in order to prevent the drying effect of chlorine and fluoride on your skin and hair. Even if the water in your area is free of chemicals, it can also be hard. The higher mineral content of hard water is easily identified by a lack of suds when you use soap, and many shower filters can help soften it.

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5. Unprotected Windows

UV radiation doesn’t go away because you’re indoors, and it can end up damaging your skin if you don’t apply a little SPF to your windows. A UV protection window film can help you feel secure when you enjoy the sunlight in your own home. With less UV radiation entering your home, you’re also protecting the color of your furnishings from fading.

6. Rough Fabrics

Low thread count sheets and rough throw pillow covers add up to one of the ways your home is ruining your skin. You might not think that they’re that bad, but the least you can do to prevent unnecessary friction between your skin and rough fabrics is to get a satin or silk pillowcase. It won’t just prevent overnight frizz for your hair, it can also prevent side sleeping wrinkles.

7. Pets

Even if you’re not allergic to pets, and you don’t have to deal with nasal congestion and puffy eyes, your furry or feathery friends can also cause trouble for your skin. From staph infections that dogs and cats can transmit to humans to rashes and creeping eruption, your pets can plenty of bad effects on your skin.

8. Paint Fumes

Giving your home a new coat of paint can also turn into one of the ways your home is ruining your skin. Unless you’re using green paints, you’re at a risk of getting nasty side effects from volatile organic compounds. In order to protect your skin and your health, you should always keep windows open while you paint and air the rooms thoroughly. If you’re keeping your brushes, they will continue to release VOCs.

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9. Dust Mites

Long term exposure to dust mites can lead to allergies for some people, so it’s important to clean your bedroom regularly even if you don’t have a problem with them. Replacing your bedding regularly and cleaning our you bedroom thoroughly can prevent allergy symptoms that can include facial swelling.

10. Bedroom Technology

Keeping a TV or computer in the bedroom is definitely bad for your beauty sleep. When your bedroom isn’t dedicated to a relaxing and quiet environment for sleep, that can be one of the ways your home is ruining your skin.