The beauty of your skin should always be a priority as nothing maintains a more beautiful, fresh and youthful look more than flawless skin. There are two ways to tackle gorgeous looking skin: from the outside and from the inside. Lifestyle, dieting and good skin care all contribute to the beauty of the skin, so maintain it with the help of the following useful tips:

Limit alcohol intake It’s a well known fact that alcohol can dehydrate your skin, making it look dull, so try to stay as far as possible from drinking too much alcohol. Half a glass of wine a day will be enough to ensure you get antioxidants without experiencing the negative effects of alcohol. Too much alcohol can trigger changes in blood pressure, which will break tiny blood vessels on your nose and face and cause those unaesthetic red lines under the skin.

Get glowing skin with cereal A healthy bowl of cereal for breakfast won’t only help you get your energy boost in the morning, but also help your skin look radiant. Eat a bowl of cereal with fresh milk, blueberries and flax seeds and a fresh glass of squeezed orange juice and you’ll definitely offer your skin the vitamins it needs to look amazing.

Fruits Fruits are essential for your health, so try to make sure you have enough fresh fruit every day. Fruits do wonders also for your skin, so try to include them in your skin care regimen doing different homemade fruit facials.

Parsley and healthy skin Parsley is not only delicious in your meals, but it is also beneficial for the skin. Mix some parsley juice or infusion with equal amounts of lemon juice and blueberries and apply the mixture to the skin for a few minutes. Rinse and enjoy a smooth and even skin tone.

Useful Tips for Beautiful Skin

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