With the hot season just knocking at the door, it is a good idea to make sure your skin will look fabulous as only this way you’ll be able to radiate beauty just like the sun. There are a variety of useful tanning tips to take into account, as sun exposure has become a true factor of concern. The new information available have linked a variety of skin problems including skin cancer to sun exposure, so learn how you can still enjoy a fabulous day at the beach without damaging your skin.

Prevention is always better and easier than having to deal with certain problems including sunburn or other skin problems caused by sun exposure, so learn how you can have a fabulous skin and a gorgeous beach tan without any damage.

Whenever you are exposing yourself to the sun, you need to wear sun protection. There are a variety of brands which developed sun blocks with different SPF levels, so make sure you don’t forget it. The sunblock will help keep your skin safe from sun damage as well as sunburn, so the higher the SPF, the higher the protection time against UV rays. Select one that suits your needs as well as budget.

If you have sensitive skin, opt for a sun protection lotion that is mineral based rather than opting for one with a high content of chemicals such as parabens, as they intensify skin sensibility.

If you’ve managed to end-up with a sunburn on your face, apply a damp towel on your face for about 10 minutes to help you cool off. Plain yogurt also helps sooth the sunburn and acts as a face mask at the same time, so if you’re not allergic, give this home remedy for sunburn a try. Avoid any sun exposure until the sun burn sensation and redness go away.

Throw away any used sun protection lotions after one year as they usually expire by then and thus you will no longer benefit from any protection. Worse, you could end-up with a skin rash that you could have avoided in the first place.

Keep your sun protection lotion away from the sun, and if you can in a cool place as this way it will be much more efficient and also cool you down with every application. Intense heat can affect the efficiency of the ingredients, so try to keep it away from the sun as much as possible.

Your hair is also subjected to sun damage, so if you want to maintain your hair in great condition keep it covered using a scarf, a hat or use protective products in your summer hair care routine.

Don’t expose yourself to the sun between 11am and 3pm as this is when the sun’s rays are most powerful. Lay on the beach under an umbrella if you don’t have anything else to do and wear sunglasses so you won’t make any grimaces due to the bright light, grimaces which will lead to early development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Protect your lips with a sun protection lip balm as your lips too can become dry, chapped and sore due to excessive sun exposure. The skin on the lips is much thinner than on the rest of your body, plus it is much more exposed to the sun and other external factors, so it will be much more prone to sun damage.

Protect your skin, your hair and your eyes from the UV rays so you can always radiate beauty and health!

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