Face creams are very important for the skin, and their benefits differ from one cream to another, depending on the ingredients used to in the production. Celebrities have access to the best and the most expensive face creams out there - find out what brands celebrities use in their skin care regime.

In the world of Hollywood, you always have to look your best, that is why celebrities always try look good and use only the best products available. Some products are more expensive than others, and some people can afford them while some can't.

When it comes to face cream one would think the most expensive face cream would cost under 100 dollars but in fact you couldn't be more wrong.

Depending on the process, the ingredients and the results the creams can have the price can go even higher.
The worlds most expensive face creams use only the finest and the most natural ingredients processed under the best conditions and seem to have the best results.

Here are some of the most expensive and exclusive face creams available out there!

Crème De La Mer - $125 for 1oz.
It is said that this face cream has amazing results. It supposedly makes the skin softer, firmer and reduces the wrinkles.
It is made from sea algae, vitamins and minerals.
The whole process of making the cream takes about 4 months.

Re-storation Deep Repair by Z. Bigatti - $195
It supposedly regenerates the skin that was damaged by stress and age. It contains algae, antioxidants, chamomile, arginine, comfrey and horse chestnut, all skin beneficial ingredients.

Revive Intensive Cream Lustre - $190
It supposedly moisturizes, firms the skin and hides imperfections in order to maintain and promote healthier and younger looking skin for as long as possible.

Sisley Global Anti-Age Extra-Rich face cream - $429 to $539
It is designed to moisturize and nourish dry skin. It supposedly has high regenerating properties due to it's skin beneficial ingredients.

La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare - $1000
It is supposed to lift, tone and decrease wrinkles. The package is handcrafted and has a very attractive look and it contains platinum particles which are considered beneficial for the human skin.