Nothing can ruin your day more than unruly hair, a pimple outbreak, tired eyes or other beauty mishaps, and the worst thing about these “bad days” is that they affect us when least expected. Because a beauty emergency requires a quick and prompt remedy, check out the following top beauty tips for emergency situations so you can have the solution to any problem that affects your beauty in a jiffy:

Puffy eye remedies Puffy eyes are a no-no if you wish to look fresh and radiant at any time and dealing with the bags that form under the eyes is easy if you know what to do. Bags under the eyes appear due to liquid build-up under the skin, so to get the skin to reduce the puffiness you need to apply something cold on the area. Use some cold tea bags, cucumber slices or wrap something frozen from your freezer in a towel and hold the towel over the eyes for a few minutes to reduce the swelling and freshen up your look.

Blonde hair turns green If you have blonde hair, you should definitely avoid dipping your hair in chlorinated water from the pool as the copper and chlorine content from water can cause your blonde locks to turn green. Wear a swimming cap at all times if you can, but if your hair already got a green tint to it, you’d better act fast and get the color out with the right remedy. Tomato juice applied on the hair for a few minutes can help neutralize the green and help restore the blonde color to your luscious locks.

Bad hair days Noting can be more annoying and frustrating than a bad hair day and unfortunately we all have them. Your locks just seem to have a “mind of their own” and just won’t “listen”, so if this is the case, the answer to your problem is the updo. Updo hairstyles look amazing and suit everyone with the necessary hair length, so save the day with a lovely low bun, a loose chignon or a stylish ponytail.

Uneven tan Don’t use a self tanner the same day you have to go to an event, as if your tan comes out uneven, it will definitely ruin your everything. Try to use the product two or 3 days prior to the scheduled event, so you can have time to touch up a blotchy tan. Exfoliate spots where too much color has been applied several times, until you obtain a smooth and even color.

PimplesPimples usually find a way to appear whenever you definitely don’t want them to, therefore as soon as you see one coming, apply toothpaste on it or an acne spot treatment. Toothpaste has been proven to diminish the redness of pimples and dry them out, so apply a dab just over the pimple overnight. Don’t squeeze your pimple, as this way you’ll probably make things worse and get a big swollen red pimple instead. Hide any remaining redness with a concealer and foundation.

Focus on skin If you don’t have time for an elaborate makeup, focus on your skin instead, and give it a dewy, healthy glow. Apply some highlighter to your cheekbones, inner corner of the eyes and cupids bow and some sheer lip gloss to your lips and you’ll look fabulous in an instant.

Emergency Beauty Tips

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