When it comes to anti-aging treatments, some might opt for surgery and some swear by the natural methods. However if you know beforehand what are the basic elements that can reinvigorate your complexion and prevent wrinkles from forming, you can save time, money and most of all loads of effort. Find out more about the top ingredients found in anti-age products.

Green Tea Besides it’s well-known soothing and healing effect, green tea plays an important role in the anti-age process. Scientific studies proved that it has a reinvigorating and regenerating effect.

The use of products rich in green tea as well as a daily intake of this beverage can guarantee the gradually reduce the appearance of early wrinkles.

Opt for green tea to increase elasticity and preserve the youth of your skin.

Vitamin C This ingredient enhances the collagen production, which is vital to avoid wrinkles and skin thinning.

Indeed it can be found in our organism too, however if we want to boost our skin care we might add some products rich in this nutrients to our daily skin care.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and offers protection from the harmful factors.

Coenzyme Q 10 It is considered one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients. It has endless functions, among these: coenzyme Q 10 protects our complexion from natural and artificial damages.

It has the ability to boost the amount of oxygen in our tissues and last but not least has a high antioxidant effect.Look for labels to find products rich in this popular ingredient used in modern day cosmetic science

Vitamin A (Retinol) This is an often used nutrient in anti-aging products due to its ability to enhance the production of collagen in fibers.

Moreover it has also an exfoliating effect, eliminating the dead skin cells and toxins from our body. It will indeed reduce the formation of wrinkles and defined lines.

Retinol can be found in the majority of anti-wrinkle cosmetics, look for these in your local store.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids Also known as AHA-s have the power to smooth definite lines and wrinkles from the surface of our skin. Toning and cleansing is only some of their benefits. These ingredients can also improve the actual texture of our skin.

Making it extremely resistant to harmful factors. Used not only in anti-aging but also in acne and skin problem treatments.