Here are some useful tips on how to prevent sunburns.

As summer is getting closer and closer, now would be a great time to know a little bit about sunburns, and how to avoid them.

Exposed to the sunlight, the skin reacts to its UV radiations.

Radiations quickly penetrate deep inside the skin layers and cause premature aging, altering and mutilating our healthy cells.

So what to do in order to avoid sunburns? Here are our advices:

- Body lotions and skin creams are crucial during summer. Try the ones that contain Aloe Vera, due to its natural properties of cooling and healing.

Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated, in order to combat the effects of dehydration.

Burns can be eased with water. If the burnt area is small, take a clean washcloth and soak it in water or milk and apply the damp thing on to the affected area. For larger areas the best bet would be to take a dip in cool water tub.

Aspirin is a great help when sunburned - prevents inflammations!

- On the sunburned area, apply dollops of moisturizing creams and lotions for maximum comfort of the skin.

Avoid alcohol, it only dehydrates skin and increases the blood flow within the body.

Sunburned skin should not be peeled - you might get a permanent mark. Wait for it to peel by itself and bring about a new layer of skin.

tips to prevent sunburns