The transition of the seasons can have a radical effect on our complexion. Whether due to the weather or other external factors, our skin might dehydrate and become dull if not protected thoroughly. It is worth devoting some time to changing our rituals in order to prevent any disaster. The cooler weather can act as a warning sign that your body is in need of a slight makeover.

There are some basic guidelines that you can follow to autumn-proof your skin care. It is a well-known fact that summer already left some signs on your skin. Whether you managed to protect your pores from the damaging effects of the sun, there\’s still need for a quick and thorough revitalization. Make sure that you include these tricks to have a great complexion all throughout the gloomy season.

Prevent Dry Skin

The cold weather can easily dry out our skin. Minimizing its resistance to deteriorating effect, our complexion can dehydrate and feel tighter. Besides increasing the water consumption it is necessary to take some minor preventions.

As washing your face rather with tepid or cold and never with hot water. This will close the pores effectively keeping the dirt from penetrating into the skin. Facials can do miracles with your complexion. Choose ones that are meant to fight de-hydration and dullness. These will refresh and properly moisturize the skin to an extent that it will be able to fight the harmful effects.

Your face should not be the only spot to be pampered. Think about your whole body, that needs nourishing. Use some cosmetic or homemade facials to offer the right care for your skin.

There are all kinds of toxins that enter your skin. Water consumption is only one of the methods to eliminate them. However some won\’t leave your body so easily, that\’s why you should complete your skin care with exfoliation and sauna session.

These two remedies will guarantee that you won\’t suffer from acne or other skin disorders. A regular detox ritual will further open the pores and the toxins will leave your skin more easily.

Make sure that the exfoliators either homemade or chemical contain ingredients as AHA\’s, Retinols and Glucosamine.

Use Creams Not Lotions

Besides switching to another skin care it is also advisable to change the products. The best way to provide your skin with the proper amount of moisture is swapping the lotions with hydrating creams. Due to the thick and more radical texture, these products will boost the moisture production and create a strong shield against pollution and damages.

The oily quality won\’t let the hydrates leave your skin so quickly, this way maintaining the pores constantly moisturized. The frequent application of creams will further maximize the elasticity and resistance of your complexion.

Those who have an oily skin would rather skip the creams. However there\’s solution for their concerns, the market offers some lotions designed specially for the Fall season that will adopt the vital preventions to keep the skin in good shape.

Keep On With Sun Protection

Though the sun might not have such a destructive power it will still have an effect on your complexion. The UV rays are still there, even in cloudy weather. Remember your complexion is still exposed to the sun, more it is demonstrated that these rays can get through the clouds more easily and will reflect in water, sand and other surfaces.

More attention should be devoted to ultra-sensitive spots as hands, ears and the face. Opt for cosmetic products that are rich in SPF. These will prevent any inflammation and deterioration all throughout the Fall.