When it comes to promoting healthy skin and natural beauty, a great variety of beauty products have been developed, just to ensure the objectives are met. Since the evolution of the cosmetic industry has reached a “boom” the past decade, keeping track of the correct steps of beauty products has become more and more difficult.

These rules have to be taken into consideration if you wish your skin to receive the proper care it needs, and because discovering the proper steps of using different skin care products is definitely not an easy task,

we have put together the right succession of steps to follow in order to promote skin perfection. You might be surprised to find that you are doing things right or in some cases wrong, so here are some tips on how to use your beauty products properly:

Makeup Remover Using a makeup remover is a definite must, whether it’s a homemade or a purchased product. It’s usually a misconception to use a makeup remover only in the evening, but this product should actually be used in the morning as well. The makeup remover will help remove traces of sweat, sebum as well as night cream (if you use one), plus a face cream should not be applied unless the complexion is perfectly cleansed.

Exfoliation This process is very important for the skin and there’s a variety of products which can help you exfoliate your skin. It is best to use a gentle scrub, as you don’t want to damage your skin. The result you are after is the removal of the dead skin cells and makeup residues; after removing your makeup, use a gentle facial scrub.

Facials Facials are very beneficial for the skin and you can use most face masks once a week. There’s a great variety of facials for each and every skin type, just so you can offer your skin exactly what it needs. If you’re a big fan of natural skin care, homemade facials can be a wonderful aid for your skin. Apply these masks every now and then after makeup removal.

Toner It seems that this product is quite controversial as many people believe it will cause dryness and irritation, but there is actually one thing you should know: not all toners have alcohol as an ingredient and can be beneficial for any skin type. Toners help remove all traces of dirt, give a firmer feel as well as restores the skin’s pH. Use toners which cointain active ingredients such as aloe vera or hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan).

Serums Serums are definitely a great aid for your complexion as these products have highly concentrated ingredients which help nourish your skin. They are not a replacement for your face cream, but rather an element of completion, to give your skin a boost in health and radiance. These serums help regenerate the skin, so use it before you apply your face cream.

Eye cream Using a regular cream around your eyes is not a great idea as the skin surrounding the eyes is much more sensitive, so you need something which is especially developed to protect and nourish it. Once you’re in your 20s, eye cream becomes a definite must-have. Use it before you apply a face cream.

Face cream Facial creams are a definite must when it comes to skin care and there are a variety of products suitable for different skin problems and ages. If you’re young use an SPF protection moisturizer suitable for your skin type, but once you’re in your 30s you definitely have to switch to an anti-aging cream. It’s best to prevent the signs of aging than combating them, so use a high quality product.

Follow these steps in the correct order and you’ll definite have an enviable skin. Keep in mind that some products are recommended for daily use, while others are not, so pay attention to the products used.

Tips on Using Beauty Products

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