The enemies of healthy skin and how to fight them Our skin can suffer a lot due to weather conditions, bad nutrition and other harmful factors.

We can protect our skin more easily if we know what are the main skin saboteurs. If we know how to provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients for our body we’ll be able to have a healthy and glowing skin. Below we attempted to make a list of the enemies of healthy skin.


Pollution has endless harmful effects on both our skin and organism in general. Due to the toxins from the air, our pores get clogged with dirt. As we age our skin starts to lose elasticity, elastin and collagen production slows down and pollution contribute to the skin’s premature deterioration.

Pollution can also lead to allergic reactions and inflammation especially in the case people with sensitive skin. You can fight pollution by following a strict cleansing ritual after each excessive exposure to these free radicals.


Some might not even know that smoking can cause irreversible damage to our skin, therefore is one of the most harmful enemies of healthy skin. Restricting blood vessels, smoking can sabotage the proper blood flow.

Since oxygen is carried by blood, our pores will benefit from less and less nutrients.

Smoking also enhances aging and allergies, the dehydration and thinning of the skin can also be an unfortunate result.

Those who can’t quit smoking might at least take supplements to provide their complexion with the necessary vitamins – E,C, and A.


Frequent exfoliation is very important to regularly detox our skin. Dead skin cells must be eliminated in order to help healthy cell reproduction. However some might fall into extremes, by doing this ritual too eagerly.

Over-exfoliation can be a real danger, some might not know that it is as easy to get rid of good cells as it is from dead ones. Your skin becomes extremely sensitive having great difficulties to fight free radicals. A moderate exfoliating routine seems the best solution to keep your skin healthy.

Lack of Sleep and Stress

Sleepless weeks or even months can leave a visible sign on your skin. Stress can be a real enemy to our complexion especially if it’s paired with lack of physical exercises. Adrenaline produced by anxiety can lead to many damages as rashes, inflammation and nasty breakouts.

That’s why it is important to release your body from it in order to have naturally glowing skin. Yoga or other workouts do miracles to our health and skin, practice them with confidence.