Whether you’re spending your summer at the beach or in the city, caring for your feet the right way is very important if you want to keep them pretty and healthy.

Start with the best summer foot care tips, and make sure that you’re protecting your feet from environmental aggressors, while also choosing the right footwear and keeping your skin moisturized. With a little attention and care, your feet can look and feel their best all summer long, as long as you make the right choices.

1. Go for Flip-Flops or Sandals

Keeping your feet protected with flip-flops in public areas like pools and locker rooms is important if you want to avoid any foot infections, but don’t make them your only summer footwear choice. 

You need a little arch support if you want to avoid foot pain, so make sure that you also wear at least a couple of pairs of open toed sandals.

2. Choose the Right Socks

One of the best summer foot care tips is to make sure that you’re wearing the right shocks. Changing them every day is a must, but you also need to choose socks in more breathable fabrics. Make sure that your socks are at least 70% cotton in order to make sure that your feet don’t stay moist for too long if when you’re sweating.

How To Keep Heels Soft

3. Fight Skin Dryness

A good foot cream can help keep your skin moisturized for longer. Shea butter is a great ingredient to look for in the cream that you use daily for your feet. Overnight creams are the right way to keep your feet in top shape during the summer, so make sure that you wash them and apply a cream every night.

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4. Prevent Blisters

You’re more likely to develop blisters in the summer, and one of the best summer foot care tips is to prevent them instead of treating them. Don’t use plasters or other bandages that keep the area moist for a long time. Instead, don’t keep them covered, so they dry out and go away faster. Make sure that you’re choosing the right footwear, that’s neither too tight, nor too loose.

5. Keep Your Heels Soft

You’ll need to exfoliate regularly if you want soft heels, and a pumice stone should be part of your regular foot care routine. Gently sand down the dry skin patches, and then moisturize overnight in order to keep your skin softer. A rich foot lotion is the right way to go, and you can apply it everywhere if you’re dealing with dry skin on your toes as well.

6. Soak Your Feet Regularly

Regular lukewarm foot soaks are among of the best summer foot care tips, that help you keep your feet looking beautiful. You can wash your legs with an antibacterial wash, or you can add it to your foot soak. Even antibacterial mouth wash can help keep your feet in top shape. Mix 1 part mouth wash with 4 parts lukewarm water and relax for 15 minutes while letting them soak.

7. Be Prepared to Protect Your Feet

Whether you’re spending your summer in the city or you’re going for a long beach vacation, make sure that you always have a little antibiotic cream in your bag. Use it to treat any skin injury and make sure that a small scratch won’t turn into a nasty infection.

Let Toenails Breathe

8. Let Your Toenails Breathe

Even if you want your toenails to always look their best, you shouldn’t keep them covered with nail polish for long periods of time. Letting your toenails breath without any polish regularly is of the best summer foot care tips. Discoloration or yellowing of the nails should be treated immediately, and a good, protective base coat is a must in order to keep the polish from yellowing your nails.

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9. Always Use Sunscreen

Just because your feet will be covered in sand while you relax at the beach doesn’t mean that they can’t get sunburn. Make sure that you apply sunscreen all over your feet, including the ankles and your soles. Reapply the sunscreen every few hours, and especially after you take them out of water.

10. Stay Hydrated

One of the best summer foot care tips is to simply stay hydrated, which is very beneficial for your overall health. It’s especially important if you have trouble with foot swelling. Drinking plenty of water helps you avoid swelling, whether it’s caused by the heat, by effort or by fluid retention that also affects other areas.