Choosing the best sunscreen product is essential in order to avoid the damaging impact of the sun on our complexion. Therefore reading the labels and considering the composition of sun lotions as well as basic skin care product is important. Pay special attention to pairing the right SPF with your skin color. It’s not a novelty that this information in fact stays for the period of time, we are allowed to spend with sunbathing and still preserve the spotless condition of our complexion. Logically the higher the number is the more protection it offers for the tissues and cells. However it is also paramount to analyze the relation between the SPF and skin tone, as the ultimate means to follow the ideal beauty care routine. In order to be prepared for the warm season learn more about this top notch ingredient. Read through the basic skin tones and the indicated SPF number.

Dark and Olive Skin: Those who were blessed with an olive or dark skin tone indeed won’t burn so quickly as their fair toned co-sunbathers. However it is not recommended to skip the application of a lotion with the indicated SPF since deterioration can still occur when neglecting basic skin care steps. In order to protect the flawless quality of the complexion it is advisable to use a sunscreen lotion with an SPF 2-4.

This number will be ideal to benefit of a sunkissed tan and still have a proper shield from the UV rays.Use the sunscreen on a regular basis both if living in a tropical climate as well as temperate one since the light can penetrate through the skin damaging the cells and the tissue reproduction.

Medium Skin Tone: This skin color is undoubtedly more sensitive than the dark one, still not as fragile as the fair complexion. Therefore it is a must to use sunscreen with a high SPF as the best means to have a natural and shiny complexion without the signs of burning.

Tanning is indeed one of the favorite activities during the summer, however excessive exposure to sunlight can contribute to early aging as well as the formation of wrinkles and age spots. Those who are eager to spend their spare time with sunbathing should go for specialized products with an SPF 4-8.When it comes of skin type it is also important to choose the right lotion that would properly moisturize and condition the pores. Proneness to burning can be immediately detected, that’s the warning sign that you’ll need a sunscreen with a higher SPF.

Light Skin Tone: The next shade towards the fair complexion is the light skin. Those who own a rosy or warm-toned light skin should also include sunscreen products into their beauty kit. The awareness of the skin damages should be even more prominent during the warm season. In the case of light complexions burning is more probable due to the lack of pigments in the skin.

The best remedy to spare ourselves from unpleasant skin conditions as well as burning pain is to apply a proper sun lotion with an SPF 8-12. The high number indicates the measure of protection that should be indeed high in this case. Make sure you cover all the critical spots where the skin is more sensitive and exposed to damage as the knees, elbows as well as the face.

Fair Skin Tone: Sun protection should enjoy a great importance in the case of those who have a fair complexion. Tanning will presuppose serious risks when lacking the proper means to prevent burning and redness.

Therefore the sunscreen should occupy a front row in their beauty kit, both during the summer as well as cold season. UV rays target the pale skin tone as the most vulnerable subject to deteriorate.

Often those who have a similar complexion might not be able to tan, they’ll just become red which will soon disappear. The best secret to preserve the worth-admiring quality of the skin is to choose a product that contains an SPF 12-20. Using the highest factor will prove to be the quintessential remedy to stay healthy and alluring during the warm season.