First of all, we should be aware of the fact that everything comes from the inside. Therefore, an unhealthy body usually shows a dull skin with numerous problems. In order to change this, you should start all the special holiday skin care process in time with a detox period that will help you eliminate all toxins. One smart thing to do this is to drink, in the morning, on an empty stomach, a glass of lukewarm water with some lemon juice. The diuretic effect combined with the antioxidant effect of the vitamin C highly contributes to the elimination of toxins. Holiday skin care also requires maximum attention and moisturizing from head-to-toe.

Diet is an essential element when it comes to skin care in general. A balanced diet and drinking a lot of water can have amazing effects upon your skin. Among all drinks, water is the best. You can drink unlimited quantities as long as you don’t have medical restrictions. Calorie-free, water hydrates the body without the risk of gaining weight. You can also drink herbal tea, without adding sugar. A balanced diet is also crucial as saturated fats and refined sugars imply important metabolic changes, especially at liver and intestines level. These molecules produce numerous free radicals that are responsible, among others, of the dull aspect of the skin.

In this context, one great thing you can do is to bring equilibrium to your intestinal flora. This represents an extremely effective barrier against pathogenic and different opportunistic microorganisms. By reestablishing the normal function of the intestinal flora, toxins are no longer accumulated, while bloating becomes history. You can establish the equilibrium of the flora by having brewer’s yeast (capsules), or yogurts containing bifidus. Even if at the beginning you’ll feel bloated, after a couple of days everything will come to normal.

We all know that the holiday season generally means stress, which can strongly influence the way our skin looks, negatively speaking. This is why you have to de-stress, meditate and oxygenate the cells. You need to maintain your happy spirit without stressing for every small detail. Moreover, meditation and walking in the park or anywhere you can breathe fresh air can have beneficial effects not only upon your mental state, but also upon your skin.

Besides all the steps you should follow in order to reestablish the balance of your inner state and body, you also have to pay a lot of attention to your skin care ritual. During cold winter days, the skin needs special attention. If in the summer you probably skip the moisturizing part, in the winter this is absolutely necessary. Cleanse every morning and evening and apply a soft moisturizer based on your skin type. Cleansing is crucial and should be made even if you are very tired.

Our skin acts as the perfect barrier and is constantly affected by aggressive external factors, such as pollution or cold. This is why it’s more than important to make a scrub and exfoliate it two times a week in order to remove dead cells that clog pores and asphyxiate the skin. The result will be a luminous look. During winter use a milder exfoliator. You also have to consider applying masks based on your skin type and needs.

You shouldn’t forget about your body as you also need maximum moisturizing for the skin. One week before the holidays, exfoliate your skin with products based on seaweed and cinnamon as it will help you remove all dead cells. Next, apply a lotion rich in minerals and vitamin E that calms and moisturizes the skin.

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