It looks like some people are able of doing anything in order to look their best. The latest trend as far as facial treatments are concerned includes the usage of snail slime cream products. These kinds of produces are nowadays the latest must-have in terms of beauty, as they are said to smooth out wrinkles, clear acne and even heal scars.

With such great properties, it is no wonder that not only women, but also men have started using the snail slime magic creams. Even if at first this type of cream was marketed as a solution for acne, now the users say that the same cream is also great against wrinkles, burns and scars.

Although the mucus of snails seems disgusting to use and even though the Hollywood stars just discovered it, it looks like this goo has been used in order to prepare European creams for a long time now.

Even Hippocrates made it clear that it had incredible properties when he started recommending the usage of crushed snails as a remedy for inflamed skin. Despite the fact that that discovery was somehow forgotten, it was renewed recently when some snail farmers in Chile observed that by handling snails so much their skins healed very quickly and without leaving any scars. Therefore, they went ahead and launched a snail slime product that now everyone is crazy about.

Snail Slime Creams - Latest Celebrity Beauty Trend

Among the beauty benefits of snail slime is the fact that it is able to regenerate and soothe the skin. The reason for this does not only lay in the properties of snails slime itself, but also in the fact that snails meant to produce the slime that is commercialized are fed red ginseng, which seems to contribute to the magic ingredient’s quality.

Despite the fact that snail slime can protect the skin from UV rays, damage and general infection, plus moisturize it, not everyone is opened to the idea of utilizing it for their faces. Nonetheless, as celebrities are always in the spotlight and want to not only feel, but also look very young for as long as possible, they are among the people who are excited to try this product.

One of the celebrities using snail slime creams is Katie Holmes, who found her divorce with Tom Cruise a little difficult to handle, especially since they also have a child together. However, she found some relief in using these types of creams. According to her declarations, she loved the fact that snail creams contain protein mucin that in turn make the creams extra-moisturizing.

Even though Katie Holmes has took a big break from her career as an actress after she divorced her former husband Tom Cruise, she is now ready to audition for film roles again, and part of this is due to her using of snail slime creams that make her feel confident about herself and about the way she looks. Therefore, in case you wish to look fabulous and have a fresh start, these creams are highly recommended.

Katie Holmes Snail Slime Creams - Latest Celebrity Beauty Trend