Fancy creams, serums and lotions. We are somewhat conditioned to believe that these are the main things we need to have a clear, healthy looking skin.

The truth, however, is often more complicated than that as the ways in which we use certain products can greatly impact their efficiency. Have a better skin starting with today with these easy to apply skin care tips:

Schedule exfoliation at night You might think that it makes little difference when you choose to exfoliate your skin as long as you do it at the right frequency. However, scheduling exfoliation sessions at night will help make your skin be less sensitive to UV rays than if you would have done it in the morning. Plus, it will make your morning routine shorter.

Lock in moisture It’s fairly well known that applying moisturizer on a damp skin is a great way to ensure proper absorption. By putting on a rope after applying the cream or lotion will help make this process even more efficient by locking in the heat.

Vitamin C for sunspots Sunspots are some of the most prevalent signs of aging so tackling this problem can have an important impact on the way our skin looks. Products containing pure vitamin C in a high enough concentration can have a positive effect, helping you improve your skin relatively quickly.

Use the most important products first After your face is properly cleaned, it’s time to apply products that help nourish your skin and make it look fabulous. But which type of product should go first? Well, if you are targeting a specific problem, the product that addresses that issue should go first to ensure maximum absorption. An exception to this rule are usually retinoids, which can be very irritating if applied on bare skin especially for women with sensitive skin.

Splurge on the right products With so many ‘miracle’ compounds that are continually being studied, most products contain all sorts of good-for-you ingredients in just about everything from scrubs and cleansers to anti-aging creams and serums. It’s important to remember that concentration and the amount of time the products have to penetrate the skin are two of the most important factors that influence the effects of certain products, so make sure to spend money on concentrated serums with active ingredients rather than cleansers that stay on your skin for a matter of seconds.

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