You can be born with beautiful skin but keeping its healthy and glowing look takes more and more work as time passes. Learn about the most important steps in the skincare routine suited for your age and which products have the best results for most women.

Unfortunately there’s no such thing as a universal best skincare regimen, since each woman’s skin is unique and responds differently to sun damage and cosmetics. Creating your the proper skin care for your age group can be easier when you follow these tried and true tips from dermatologists.

Skincare Routine in Your 20s

Gentle products, focused on damage prevention, are the best way to create the best skin care routine in your 20s. Cleansing your skin should be done at least once a day and moisturizers should have a SPF of at least 15 or 20. Choose a cream that includes UVB and UVA protection and apply it daily on your face, neck and chest.

For nighttime skin care, try products that contain retinol, a vitamin A derivative that keeps your skin looking fresh and use it for your eyes as well.

Skincare Routine for Your Age: 20s to 40s

Proper Skin Care in Your 30s

Brown spots for women with fair skin and discoloration for those with darker skin are problems that usually appear in your 30s and the right skincare routine includes regular exfoliation, using products with synthetic microbeads. Proper skin care entails the use of a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acids in the morning and a moisturizing one in the evening.

The best skin care routine in your 30s also includes moisturizers with antioxidants and daily use of a special cream for your eyes. Get a prescription retinoid for nighttime care or use the over the counter retinol every night.

Best Skincare Regimen in Your 40s

Blotchiness and red spots are an increasing problem in your 40s and your skincare routine should include a better moisturizer and products that boost the skin’s elasticity.

The best cleanser either contains salicylic acid or a mild AHA or has a creamy texture, forget about gels in your 40s.

Moisturizing should include face creams with at least two types of antioxidants, that alternate every other day. Petroleum jelly and shea butter can prevent dryness, while peptides help maintain a good level of collagen in your skin.

Prescription retinoids are the most important part of proper skin care in your 40s, since they can also increase exfoliation and collagen production. They can be used every other night if your skin is too sensitive for nightly application.

Skincare Routine for Your Age: 20s to 40s