Following a traditional skin care schedule can often make us reluctant for the newest inventions. However this industry evolves similarly to fashion and other domains. Indeed there are so many theories circulating around the world that many become skeptical. This could be the very moment when the skin secrets are revealed and if not tested it is at least worth knowing about them.

Use Antiperspirants at Night

Scientists discovered that using antiperspirants at night can be more efficient than during the day. The truth behind this theory lies in the fact that throughout nighttime the temperature of our body is lower, that’s why the products will be able to clog the sweat ducts more easily.

The effect will be ,long-lasting, more you can apply it again in the morning to further reduce the chance of excessive sweating. Use these only in the case if you struggle with extreme perspiration.

Acne Treatment For the Whole Face

People who struggle with acne tend to apply the treatment only to the affected areas. However skin care professional demonstrated that is is advisable to cover the whole face with the natural or more artificial facials.

These products aim to eliminate all the harmful bacteria from the skin. The best way to prevent the spreading of acne on the whole face is to use the medication to the entire area.

This act won’t worsen the situation it will only condition the unaffected areas and treat the critical spots. The best time for doing this is before going to sleep.

Cover Cuts For Quick Healing

It’s a general tendency that we cover a cut when it happens. However it is also widely known that most of us will take it off after a few days, to let the bruise breath naturally.

More and more studies prove that it’s not a wise move to remove the bandage since it would do more harm than good. An antibiotic cream would work better and would quicken the regeneration process.

Don’t Buy Products Only By Your Age

Ladies have the tendency to buy skin care products that are designed specially for their age group. Skin care gurus claim that this is a misconception. Their argument is that not everyone’s skin ages equally. You have to be guided by the skin type your have and its characteristics.

After all if you start using age-defying products at an early age, you can’t have the same complexion at a certain age as the person who skipped these phases. Moreover the skin goes through several changes through time, why not be led by the specific qualities of a person’s skin rather than by the marketing trick of the commercials.

Don’t Stick to The Same Products Throughout Life

Probably you already observed that our skin goes through many changes. This is the main reason why you should not stick to products that are designed for a certain skin type all throughout life. Due to external and internal factors, hormone level fluctuation or pollution and sun exposure the skin structure can suffer either damages or may improve radically.

It is worth analyzing our complexion once in a while by testing different products and treatments. It is also recommended to notice the warning signs that our skin sends us when something is not OK.