In order to combat the unpleasant look of puffy eyes it would be wise to have all the helpful and efficient skin care tricks in your pocket. Those who work or study a lot and still have to look spotless in the morning might need a few quick remedies for tired eyes. Using these homemade treatments and common ingredients to treat the redness and puffy condition of the skin will keep chemicals away of the complexion preventing the appearance of harsh skin problems. In order to achieve the best results it is important to practice these cool methods and rituals and embed them into our daily skin care routine. Learn from the best and find out the best treatments recommended by professionals who are aware of the fact that homemade and easy remedies have a greater value than cosmetic or medical ones.

One of the first tricks to fight the puffiness of the skin is to place two cold spoons into the fridge and leave these there overnight. In the morning, these will have the perfect temperature to be placed on the eyes and reduce the puffiness visibly. Make sure these spoons are cold, not ice cold as it might affect the spotless condition of a sensitive complexion. Try your hand at this trick to see whether it works for you.

Cucumber is yet another remedy to try if you wish to appeal to some of the green methods to treat tired eyes. Place two slices of cucumber on your eyelids and enjoy the soothing effect of this spa treatment. Indeed, this veggie is used as the most common anti-oxidant to treat some of the most stubborn skin problems as acne and wrinkles. Leave the slices on for at least 4-5 minutes then rinse off your eyes with cold water.

Milk is also a secret weapon to treat puffy eyes. Those who wish to guarantee their flawless complexion for the next morning should pour some milk into a bowl and dip a cotton pad in it. Then position the pad onto your lids and keep it there for at least 5-6 minutes. The milk has a natural soothing effect and will secure the silky soft complexion even after an exhausting night. Make sure the milk is cold, finally rinse it off with tepid water.

Strawberries as surprising as it may seem are used as some of the most efficient remedies against baggy eyes. This remedy can be used both during the colder and also warm season. Put a strawberry into the fridge and leave it on overnight. In the morning you can place it on your eyelids and keep these on while embedding a quick relax session in your morning routine. Strawberries have a strong anti-oxidant effect, therefore these can serve as the best means to fight swelling and puffiness.

Frozen Tea Bags are yet another remedy to experiment with if you struggle with tired eyes. Choose chamomile or mint tea bags and place them in the fridge. Leave them overnight and in the morning place them on your lids. 5-6 minutes will be enough to refresh your complexion and reduce the redness as well as the puffy condition of your skin. Experiment with the various types of herbal teas to find the one that best suits your complexion and preferences.