Summer is just around the corner and some people might have already started to tan their body in order to look good. Some people prefer sun tanning while others sunless tanning but whatever the method you choose when it comes to your tan the result will be the same, nice brown skin. Tanned skin looks good if prepared for the summer. Exposing your white, pale skin to the sun can have devastating results like sunburns, uneven tan, dark spots, etc.

To receive the best tan it necessary to prepare the skin for tanning before you start exposing yourself to the dangerous UV rays. The sun as well as the tanning beds emanate ultraviolet rays which stimulate the melanin production in our body, the natural body pigmentation which causes the skin to tan. During the winter the UV rays are of a lower intensity and don’t affect the skin as powerful as in the summer season when the sun is closest. Usually during the winter the skin regains it’s natural coloration and this will make the skin more sensitive to sunburns during the summer.

To ensure you receive the best tan possible you need to prepare your skin for tanning, so follow these steps which will help you achieve the healthy uniform tan you are looking for.

exfoliate your skin about once a week to ensure that all the dead skin cells are removed from your body. By removing the dead skin cells you will promote healthy skin regeneration and ensure a uniform tan

moisturize your skin after each exfoliation process to avoid dry skin. The moisturizer will penetrate your skin after exfoliation much better and easier

start to gradually expose your skin to the UV rays as you will allow your skin to get used to gradually to the sun’s rays, thus avoiding sun burns, which are very dangerous for the skin as they can lead to premature aging skin even skin cancer

moisturize your skin after each tanning session as your skin might become dehydrated

avoid laying in the sun around noon when the UV rays are most powerful

protect your skin with a high SPF protection cream because your skin will be more sensitive to the UV rays during the first sun exposures. If you are using a tanning bed start with a minimum time and gradually increase the time spent tanning

Try to care for your skin and protect it with sunscreens as your skin will aid your youthful appearance. Don’t forget to stay hydrated from the inside as well as outside, by drinking plenty of water and using the best skin care products for you.