The intensity of the UV rays grows such as the reflection-capacity of the place where you at are:the sand has a capacity of 15-25%, while the water and grass about 10%; the champion is the snow, with 85%!

Creams, lotions, gels and sprays with UV protection divide in filters and screens.

At the tanning bed you must wear protective glasses. It’s not enough that you keep your eyes shut.The artificial light penetrates through the eyelids and affects the cornea, challenging even temporal blindness.

The filters protect you photochemical, by absorbing UV rays. The screens contain microscopic opaque talk (titanium dioxide, zinc and iron oxide, kaolin) which reflect like microscopic mirrors. Both categories stop about 50% from UV rays, if they have a 2 and 98% if they have SPF 60.

These products don’t protect you from sunstroke and don’t break tanning (they make it more slow and prudent).Children need maximum protection on the beach, hats and cream specially made for them.

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