There’s an app for everything these days, so why shouldn’t we take advantage of any tool that aims to make us our already busy life a lot easier beauty-wise? Sure, browsing for new makeup or nail polish tones can be a lot of fun in a treasure-hunt sort of way, but things are quite different when it comes to shopping for skin care products. With literally hundreds of options to choose from, making the right choices is far from being a no brainer.

With a variety of factors that need to be kept in mind, with cleverly designed marketing campaigns which further enhance the existing confusion and with occasional pushy salespeople, it often feels like a little help would be a real blessing.

Well, that’s what beauty concerned tech-savvy minds are for. The mySkin app aims to make the purchasing process more efficient and minimize the chance you’ll drop your hard earned cash on something that doesn’t suit you.

In order to do it, the app makes an assessment of your skin based on several variables. Such variables are skin type, level of reaction to the sun, types of body conditions you experience.

Then, it’s time for the app to make product recommandation in “a personalized, scientific, and unbiased way.” If you thought choosing between five similar products was complicated, wait to hear the app’s mission. It chooses from a catalog of over 160,000 products across various brands and retailers for you.

The app also enables you to track previously used products in order to share possible solutions with others who experience similar problems. In addition, you can also fill out a wishlist, see what your friends use or a question and answer section. The app is available for download at Apple App Store and best of all, it’s free.

Free mySkin App for iPhone Free mySkin App for iPhone

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