These vital tools are often acquired before starting a well-defined skin care routine. The beauty industry offers an unlimited range of these completed with the latest inventions. Improving the quality of the skin and body care is a constant process. The best way to test their quality is to know which are the pieces that have a central place and role in our daily beauty schedule.

Don’t let yourself misled by the deceiving and appealing commercials purchase only the tools that will really do a favor to your skin. Learn more about the must have skin care tools to fight the worst enemies with the perfect armor.

Magnifying Mirror

A high-quality magnifying mirror is one of the essential elements of your skin care kit, This will help you in spotting all the critical areas in a clear way.

Useful both during tweezing your eyebrows or analyzing your pores. A traditional mirror might dull the real appearance of your complexion.

Blackheads and blemishes become more eye-popping and you can even notice either their healing or the worsening of the situation. This will offer you a closer peek into the quality of your skin care routine.

Cotton Pads

These tiny instruments are the guarantee to protect the sensitive skin spots and in general the whole face from scratches, or other trauma. Besides hygiene must be in the first row when you engage into every skin care ritual.

You might find them too gentle for the critical tasks, however it’s not accidental that cosmeticians praise these tools so much.Used mainly to cleanse your face, cotton pads can also fulfill other roles too. These are perfect to remove your nail polish as well as to remove the excessive foundation or makeup. Make them a no.1 accessory of your beauty care.

Face Cloth

Similarly to cotton pads and balls, face cloths do your complexion a great favor when cleansed with it. It is an acclaimed fact that the facial skin is way more sensitive to contamination than our body. Irritation should be prevented by using a face cloth or a washer to help the pores get rid of any toxins.

Moreover if you purchase the thicker one, you migth able to enjoy its soothing effect repeatedly. Due to its strong texture it can be washed and re-used several time. The only condition to keep its initial quality is to skip the fabric softener.


Especially if you still to this method to remove unwanted hair. Choosing the best tweezer is essential to avoid torturing your skin. Plucking the hair without any effort and unfortunate consequences is the key to a proper skin care. Besides eliminating the undesired hair you’ll be able to free the critical skin spots. Don’t leave behind any residues and try to opt for tweezers that match the texture of your hair.