Microdermabration has become a highly popular technique among Hollywood celebrities who have quickly discovered the amazing effects this rather simple technique can have on their skin. Basically, microdermabration is a procedure that targets the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis. Therefore the name for this procedure is a little inaccurate as this technique never reaches the dermis. This technique is basically an exfoliation method that uses tiny aluminum oxide crystals in order to remove dead skin cells.

Microdermabrasion is a non invasive procedure that can be performed on the face, the neck, the chest the arms and the hands depending on each person’s specific skin problems.

It’s important to be realistic and remember that due to the fact that this technique only the targets the external layer of the skin, only superficial skin problems can be ameliorated in few sessions. In order to treat more profound skin problems multiple sessions might be required at certain time intervals.

Microdermabrasion can take multiple forms. Nowadays, beside the original crystal method, diamond microdermabrasion is available but home microdermabration is becoming more and more popular, as an alternative to professional treatments. It should be mentioned however that home microdermabrasion is generally less efficient than professional treatments.

A professional microdermabrasion session can be performed either at a beauty salon, a reputable spa center or at a physician’s office in only half an hour. It should be mentioned that this procedure is painless and the only temporary side effects might be redness and swelling. These symptoms can disappear within an hour after the procedure has been performed or they can last up to two days.

Although it might seem that this procedure is suitable for everyone,those who suffer from certain conditions should seek for medical advice before trying this procedure. Among the most common conditions that require special attention are: rosacea, eczema, cold sores, dermatitis, warts, diabetes or lupus.

Also, if you are using microdermabrasion to treat skin problem related to aging, it’s important to keep in mind that after a certain age, the collagen production decreases and the skin becomes thinner. As a result the skin becomes more sensitive so its advisable to avoid frequent microderambration sessions because the effects might not be the ones that that you desire.


Make sure that you choose a well trained professional who will be able to make the best recommendations.

After the session use a moisturizer as this procedure tends to dry out the skin.

Always use a sunscreen with a high SPF after the microdermoabrasion treatment because the sin will be a little more sensitive than before. Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible especially in the first few days after the procedure.