MAC Cosmetics seem to be on the roll with their ideas as the brand is preparing to release a myriad of fab new collections for the spring 2012 seasons. One of the collections that promises to leave your skin looking amazing is MAC’s Lightfully New for spring 2012, a skin care collection that features a unique marine algae formula which aims to deliver flawless results. The formula features a blend of three seaweeds harvested from the world’s vast oceans to provide nourishment, hydration and antioxidants that help protect the skin from aggressors such as excess melanin and free-radicals.

The products featured in the collection aim to progressively shift the complexion towards a more radiant, evenly pigmented tone, so check out the products and pick the formulas that will help enhance the beauty of your skin.

MAC Lightfully New Spring 2012 Collection

Available from February 23rd, the power quad will surely become a favorite as beautiful, healthy looking skin is timeless. Check out the following spring 2012 skin care must-haves from MAC and make the best out of your skin:

Lightful Cleanser – Detox your skin by clearing it of any impurities that can clog the pores and trigger an array of skin problems. This marine-bright formula cleanser will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and with a natural glow, ready to be enhanced to perfection using your favorite beauty products.

Lightful Essence – Give your skin a boost of radiance with the help of marine seaweed nourishing elements gathered together in a delicate high concentrate serum which will instantly be absorbed into your skin, leaving it looking radiant.

Lightful Moisturizing Cream – Moisture is the key to youthful, healthy looking skin and this marine infused lightweight face cream will help provide your skin with essential moisturizing elements for a velvety finish.

Lightful Softening Lotion is an ultra fluid lotion that moisturizes, refreshes, evens and softens the skin to boost its radiance instantly.

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics