The damage years of smoking make for the skin is fairly obvious and well known. The fact that an unhealthy diet will probably not do our skin any favors is common knowledge. But, it turns out that our lifestyle and our skin are also linked in a series of unexpected ways, which means that the preventative measures we take can expand accordingly. Learn more about the important factors that can influence your skin.

Delaying the signs of aging is a universal and understandable desire which is why the research aimed to uncover the underlying causes and factors that influence premature aging is constantly being done. Although progress has been made, it often seems that the fountain of youth is still to be found. However, understanding the possible links between our daily actions and the way our skin looks can help us delay premature aging and stay healthier. Here are some less known factors that might influence aging:

Sugary treats have really gotten a bad rep being correlated with a myriad of serious health conditions. Well, it appears that our skin also suffers the consequences of overindulging in sweet delicacies. It appears that while sugar is digested, it bonds with protein molecules, reacting with molecules that are essential for a healthy, firm skin such as collagen and elastin in a process called glycation.

As a result, collagen fibers harden, leading to a loss of skin elasticity. This process also seems to seed up cellular oxidation when correlated with unprotected UV exposure. Decreasing the amount of sugar in our diet especially from processed foods and increasing our vitamin C intake are two things we can do to prevent premature skin aging.

Wrinkles and osteoporosis
A new study done by Yale scientists might make those who are considering investing in Botox injections or plastic surgery to erase the signs of aging think twice about their decision. That's because wrinkles might signal a serious disease that is typically associated with aging: osteoporosis. In short, researchers have found the more wrinkles a women has, particularly between the brows, the higher the risk as the bone density was lower. While additional evidence is required and research still needs to be done to find the causes of this association, studies such as this one underline the importance of learning to decode the messages our body sends us.

Frequent weight fluctuations
It has been said that after a certain age, women should choose between their face and their body in order to feel comfortable with aging, yet an even better strategy can be choosing your happy, healthy weight and maintaining it. Otherwise, the loss of skin elasticity you might notice on your body might be equally visible on the face after a couple of years.

Frequent flying
You might have heard that driving can cause additional wrinkles on the left side of the face, however, frequent flying can have a similar effect if not worse. That is because while sitting in a plane you are closer to UV rays, so the potential damage is bigger. Loss of moisture is another problem that seems to make matters worse. Being diligent about applying sunscreen 30 minutes before a flight, drinking more water and moisturizing can help prevent some of these problems.

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