It’s very important to make a good transition from winter skin care to spring, especially if you live in a climate where the differences in temperature and humidity are significant. Discover the most important changes for spring skin care that will help your skin look and feel better this spring.

From the basic tips like changing your moisturizer and cleaning out your makeup kit to more subtle changes that have to do with products with retinol and even your shampoo, here are the important changes for spring skin care that you shouldn’t ignore!

Spring Skin Exfoliation

Whether you’ve been thorough with your exfoliation routine during the winter or not, spring is not the time for harsh scrubs. If your skin needs plenty of exfoliation to prevent any problems once the natural oils kick into the spring cycle, go for a cleansing cloth instead of a strong mechanical scrub. An even safer bet that will get rid of any dead skin cells without irritating your skin is a cleanser with AHAs or BHAs that you should use every other day for slower, but more efficient exfoliation.

Lighter Face Cream In Warm Weather

Go for Lighter Lotion

Forget about the rich moisturizers you used during the colder months and try a lighter lotion or moisturizer. Since your natural oil production increases in the spring, you’ll notice your skin getting greasy in the afternoon or evening if you use a moisturized that’s too greasy. Toner also comes in handy to keep your skin fresh with a lighter moisturizer.

Apply Sunscreen Correctly

One of the most important changes for spring skin care is getting used to applying sunscreen on every area that’s exposed to the sun, as frequently as needed. You probably won’t forget to get the right SPF for your face, chest and hands, but other areas, like behind the ears or the back of the neck are often ignored if you’re used to wearing your hair down, but decide to go for an updo. Apply every few hours when you’re out in the sun.

Adjust The Retinol

One of the side effects of retinol is that it increases sensitivity to sun. Using it more often once spring arrives can be a bad idea if you spend a lot of time outdoors. You can still enjoy its benefits, that range from the anti-aging effect to clearing out acne, but you should always be careful about how often you apply in your skin. If you increase the use of retinol or even less powerful retinoids, sunscreen is a must at all times.

Switch Shampoo In Warm Weather

Re-Think Your Shampoo

Dry winter air is one of the reasons why dandruff can get out of control during the colder months, but once humidity is on the rise, you might reconsider your use of a special shampoo for dandruff. Of course, if you’re using a prescription product, keep at it, but introducing a new shampoo in the spring is one of the important changes for spring skin care.

Don’t Skip The Lip Balm

When it comes to changes in your skin care routine as you leave behind winter for spring, keep using your lip balm. You might need to replace your thick winter one with a lighter version, but proper hydration for your lips is very important. If you stop using it, you might end up with chapped lips that will take longer to repair than to prevent.

Clean Up Your Makeup Kit

Besides switching your winter palette for more spring-friendly colors, you also need to check the shelf life of all your makeup products. You may not consider it one of the important changes for spring skin care, but going through all your makeup and throwing out anything that’s outdated is a step you shouldn’t skip.

Using Bronzer In Spring

Bring Out the Bronzer Correctly

You might have settled for tinted moisturizer during the colder months, but now you can go back to using it. However, losing the tinted moisturizer in favor of bronzer can often lead to under-moisturizing, so make sure your skin never feels tight.

Change Your Diet

Once you make all the important changes for spring skin care that affect the outside of your skin, remember to care for the inside as well. Add as many fruits and vegetables that are in season to your diet, in order to get the vitamins and anti-oxidants your skin needs for a beautiful spring glow.

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