Have you lost those extra pounds and now your skin is hanging loose around your body? Well, this usually happens when the skin has lost it’s elasticity and cannot shrink back, and this happens when a large amount of body weight has been lost in a quick period of time.

The skins expanding and shrinking properties can be best seen during pregnancy. The skin can expand to make room for the unborn baby and shrinks back once the baby is born. Elasticity is very important in this process, and it does have a limit. When the skin is stretched beyond it’s stretching point, it can tear and so stretch marks are formed.

Skins elasticity can be affected by external as well as internal factors. Sun damage, dehydration, nutritional deficiency, age are all factors which can affect the skins elasticity.

Some factors can be eliminated by ensuring a proper lifestyle and skin care routine, but other factors cannot be eliminated, and the most important factor is age. With aging skin loses some of it’s elasticity, this is why elders usually have sagging skin.

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It is very important to understand that the skin cannot return to it’s shape instantly. Time is required in order for the skin to shrink back into shape. Some people, who are luck will not need any treatments or surgery to remove the loose skin, it will shrink back on it’s own, while others may need to turn to surgery.

Here are some tips to help you lose the loose skin after shedding a lot of pounds:

make sure you are eating fruits and vegetables to maintain the vitamin levels in your body. Vitamins can help the skin restore it’s elasticity and health, making it shrink back

drinking plenty of water, about 8 glasses per day can help the skins elasticity

giving time for the skin to shrink back is necessary. You can’t expect the skin to visibly shrink especially if you carried the weight for long periods of time and dropped the weight quickly. This is mostly why the skin is loose around the body

Lose weight gradually to ensure that your body can stretch back to it’s original shape. This can only be achieved with time so be patient. the results will please you more than if you are left with a lot of loose skin around your body.