The fight against face wrinkles is a problem that concerns the whole world. However we should not forget about other areas that are often tortured by this issue. It was proved that the neck is just as sensitive if not more as the face. That’s why it is the main target of wrinkles and other skin disorders. The best way to slow down the aging process is to do the necessary preventions to maintain and if possible boost the elasticity of the skin it this area.

Besides the medical and surgical methods there are other techniques that can be applied to get a firm and young-looking neck. Test these DIY tricks in order to bring out the best of your complexion without any artificial help. Besides the regular skin care routine embed the following rituals into your daily beauty schedule. Be proud of denying some years of your real age with these handy tips.

First of all keep your head straight and your chin up. This will not only improve your look and radiate self-confidence but will also do miracles with your neck.

The definite and deep crease that appear in this area are often results of an inappropriate posture. Keep your head high if you want to have a well-defined and age-defying neck.

Water is the quintessential skin care ingredient to keep wrinkles away. Consume at least 8 glasses or more per day to preserve the youth and boost the the skin firmness. This will do goo not only to this spot but also face, and the whole body in general.

The greatest enemy of a smooth and wrinkle-free neck is called High Pillow. Indeed sleeping like this can often make you feel better, however it can also speed up the aging of the skin.

The trick of beauty specialists is to maximize the angle between your neck and face. Meaning, that the sleeker you sleep the less wrinkles you’ll have. A tiny pillow would do you a huge favor, ditch out the big ones.

Some might forget about their neck when it comes of exfoliation. It is a general hearsay that this sensitive area should be left out to avoid the damages, However the neck equally necessitates pampering, when you apply the sunscreen for your face make sure to include this section too. The rays of the sun can make a huge damage to the skin, preparing the field for the wrinkles.

Potato slices applied to the neck can also protect the area from wrinkles. As a natural antioxidant it will efficiently detox the skin and cleanse the pores. Offering the necessary moisturizing and exfoliation the elasticity and firmness of the neck will be guaranteed.

Facial exercises can do just as good for the neck. Train your muscles with easy workout and don’t forget to do them regularly for a visible effect. The most popular of these is tilting your head back then hold straight, keep it there for 30 seconds. Repeat this at least 5 times per day. Remember be relaxed so the muscle can work for you.