Our skin often faces damaging agents that might reduce its resistance, change its color or even trigger more unpleasant reactions. Several beauty products as deodorants or antiperspirants that we use on a regular basis may launch a series of skin problems. Darkening is only one of these, since our pores get in contact with the harsh chemicals this way producing a chemical reaction. There’s nothing more efficient to save your underarm skin than homemade treatments and tricks.

The discoloration of the skin can also be the consequence of an inappropriate hair removal ritual, bad hygiene as well as increased sweating. Often it can lead to inflammation and even itching. However, if this condition only bothers you because of the unpleasant visual appearance, then you can launch your own anti-armpit darkening project by taking some preventions and protect your skin from the gradual deterioration.

The skin under our arms might be hyper-sensitive to hair removal. Indeed, applying an inappropriate or even a damaging ritual will only aggravate the situation which leads to darkening.

In this category we enlist shaving, instead use rather depilatory creams or cosmetic products that won’t traumatize the follicles. Waxing and laser treatments undoubtedly offer a more long-lasting effect still these might be also harsh to the skin.

Clean armpits won’t darken so quickly as the ones that are either stuffed with chemicals or don’t fit the proper hygiene conditions. The best way to avoid the appearance of any skin discoloration is to keep the spot dry and neat.

Make sure after taking a bath you won’t leave any residues from the beauty products, more you’ll eliminate all the signs of deodorants and antiperspirants before going to bed.

Extremely tight clothes are not only uncomfortable and cheeky to wear but can also be regarded as main culprits in the darkening of the skin. Loose pieces as a shirt or a nice wavy blouse seem to be the optimal choices when it comes to keeping the armpits flawless.

In fact, on one hand a too fitting top might also prevent this area from natural and normal breathing causing the sweat to build up under the arms. On the other hand, friction is way more damaging than perspiration since it tortures the surface of the skin this way contributing to the hyper-pigmentation and finally darkening.

The application of harsh antiperspirants can also generate discoloration. Instead, use alcohol-free formulas as the talcum powder that is a more organic method to fight sweating and protect the armpit skin from harmful factors. More, if you are keen to follow an eco-friendly beauty schedule, you might also experiment with the natural deodorant recipes to create your own green shield for skin problems.

For the sake of ruling out the chance of dark underarms you can even rub the area with a slice of lemon which besides its bleaching effect will also eliminate the dead cells that might build up. Include it into your daily beauty ritual for a spotless look.