Specialists claim that crow’s-feet wrinkles are considered the first wrinkles formed on women’s face. It is not exclusively a sign of getting old, rather that you lead a busy and careless life.

The skin around the eye is extremely sensitive, smoking, sun exposure and other bad habits can be causes of crows feet around the eyes. However, other less damaging activities can also lead to the appearance of crow’s feet as smiling and other facial expressions.

You can’t prevent their appearance completely, nevertheless you can delay the process.

Here are some basic methods to slow down the appearance of crow’s-feet.

– For smokers, the sooner you quit smoking the later will crow’s-feet appear under your eyes. It is demonstrated that smokers are prone to develop more crow’s-feet than non-smokers. In fact, the smoke you exhale can irritate the eyes and especially the sensitive skin around eyes. An unhealthy skin is unable to produce collagen which is a basic element of a hydrated and healthy skin.

– If you have a job that requires several hours spent in front of the computer, try to rest a bit. Avoid squinting, if you have problems with eyesight see a doctor or wear your glasses more frequently.

– The use of the appropriate eye cream is essential to prevent crow’s-feet. Specialists advise you to moisturize your skin with creams that are rich in glycolic acid and vitamin C. This ingredient will contribute to the emergence of new cells and will eliminate the dead ones.

– Hydration is very important, drink lots of water and do a huge favor to your body. If your body is properly hydrated your organs, including the skin will function miraculously. This way the area around your eyes won’t dry out.

– The sun, no matter how much we adore it, tends to be very harsh with our skin. That’s why avoid exposing your skin excessively to the effects of the sun. It is highly recommended to wear sunglasses, hats and use sunscreen.

– A proper sunscreen will block the harmful UVA and UVB rays, that damage your skin, opt for one especially designed for the eyes. Apply it repeatedly during the day.

– Try not to tug or pull the sensitive area around your eyes. Be gentle when removing your eye makeup use a smooth cotton ball and wipe it don’t rub it off.

– Don’t expose yourself to visiting rooms or pubs filled with smoke, it will only irritate your eyes.

– Applying almond or olive oil to your skin can reduce the aging appearance of your skin.

– Taking extra vitamins can be effective, especially vitamin C that keeps your skin healthy. You can eat fruits as grapefruit and kiwi that are rich in vitamin C.

There is no remedy to 100% prevent the appearance of crow’s-feet, however who would sacrifice a natural smile for it.