Sunburns are skin burns produced by overexposing to the sun’s aggressive rays. The symptoms of sunburns are red irritated skin which is hot to the touch, mild dizziness, pain in the red area when touched, cold chills.

Sunburns can cause the skin to peel off and cause wrinkles.

Sunburns can also increase the chances of developing skin cancer.

For all theses reasons it’s best to prevent as best as possible getting a sunburn. In order to prevent sunburns you need to either avoid staying in the sun or use sunscreen protection. Sunscreen is very effective in preventing sunburns and protects the skin from the dangerous UV rays.

Sunscreen will block the rays from penetrating and damaging the skin for as long as the SPF protection factor states. Sunscreens can have different protection factor levels or SPF.

How to Prevent Getting Sunburnt

The number written on the sunscreens show for how long the sunscreen will protect you from the sun, so if you usually get sunburnt in 10 minutes and you buy a sunscreen with SPF 15 you will be protected for 150 minutes.

The number shown on the sunscreen is multiplied with the number of minutes it takes for you to get sunburned.

To treat or sooth a sunburn you need to:

– hydrate your skin and drink a lot of water– soak a towel in a mixture of vinegar and water and place it on the sun burn to relieve and cool down the skin– plain yogurt can be used to sooth the heat from the sunburn– anti inflammatory pills will relieve some of the pain from the burn and reduce the inflammation

The best solution to treat a sunburn is to avoid getting sunburnt in the first place, so keep this in mind the next time you will expose yourself to the sun and don’t forget about the sunscreen.

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