Eliminating the dead cells should enjoy central importance in our skin care. However, it seems that the least appreciated spots as elbows and the knees are always left out. In fact, these are the skin sections of our body that store a multitude of dead tissues and tend to darken due to this factor. In order to prevent the discoloration of the skin it is advisable to pay special attention to less visible spots too. Including the thorough exfoliation into our skin care routine is the password towards banishing these dark spots.

If the drama already happened and you have your knees and elbows already stained, experiment with mild skin lightening. Skin bleaching, especially when prepared of organic ingredients can give back the natural tone to the affected areas. Follow the instructions and the recipes carefully for a quick and efficient result.


It might seem that we only repeat ourselves when we enlist lemons into the group of top skin whiteners. However, regardless of the form we use it in, either as juice or only sliced in pieces, it can do a great favor to get rid of dark spots.

Due to its antioxidant effect it will eliminate dead cells this way clearing the way for the healthy cell reproduction.

The best result can be achieved if you grab a slice of lemon and rub the darker elbows and knees with it. Then leave the juice on for 10-15 minutes and finally take a gentle towel preferably of cotton and soak the lotion with it. Repeat it at least once a day to notice the favorable results.

Mustard Oil

Vegetable oils in general have a beneficial effect on our skin. Indeed, besides the praised benefits of olive and Castor oil, here comes the mustard oil that can be also used as a remedy to fight dark spots.

The magic lies in the fact that this lotion contains anti-bacterial properties. Due to its ability to provide the skin with Vitamin A,B and E it will restore the natural color and health of the skin on the elbows and knees.

Simply massage it into the skin so that it will absorb the essential nutrients and will gradually regenerate eliminating dead cells. Go on with the treatment for 5-10 minutes then finally rinse it off with lukewarm water. Try to include this ritual in your daily or weekly beauty schedule.

Coconut Oil and Lime

Coconut oil is one of the most soothing ingredients used in body care. Besides its conditioning and hydrating quality it is also used as a natural bleacher. Creating the following smashing whitener solution combo will cleanse the skin from dead cells. Friction is also one of the culprits when it comes to discoloration.

The dehydrated and damaged skin might change its color and become darker than our natural skin tone. The repeated application of this treatment will increase the resistance of the tissues towards harmful effects.

Now, take a medium bowl and mix ½ tsp of lime juice and 1 tsp of coconut oil. The produced lotion should be applied to the dark spots and left on for 15-20 minutes. Then soak the mixture up with a fresh towel. Experiment with this quick treatment to further reduce the appearance of these dark spots.