Age spots are long-term results of excessive sun exposure, whether you call it liver spots or solar lentigo these make your skin look unaesthetic.

Usually you can find these spots on the areas of the body that are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, as the back of the hands and face. Basically age spots affect people in their late adulthood when the skin becomes more sensitive and thin.

Age spots are a result of pigment buildup in our skin – there are several methods to get rid of age spots, medically or with homemade treatments.

Let’s see some home remedies on how to get rid of age spots:Non-chemical methods require more time to show results, still these are can be accessible and painless if you think about it. Castor oil is one of the natural remedies that can be used to get rid of age spots. Pour some Castor oil on a cotton swab then rub it into your skin, repeat it in the morning and evening for guaranteed results.

Age spots should fade or totally disappear after a month.

Orange juice is also very effective especially if you mix it with a little apple cider vinegar. Take a cup and mix 1 teaspoon of orange juice with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Leave it for a couple of minutes then put some of it on a cloth and rub into skin.

The juice of the aloe vera can do miracles in getting rid of liver spots.

Use any kind of cosmetic products or pure aloe gel to make the spots fade. For an effective result rub the affected area repeatedly for 1-2 months, preferably twice a day. In fact aloe vera is a natural remedy for any skin problems.

Lemon juice applied to the spots at least twice a day can make these fade away. Rub some juice to the critical areas, wait until it completely dries, unless your skin will be more sensitive. The acid from the lemon will ‘bleach’ these spots and after a few months they can even disappear. Fresh lemon is also good, put some slices on these spots leave them for 15 minutes. Repeat it once a day.

These methods may require a longer period of time for achieving a visible results. However you might try these instead of chemical treatments to get rid of age spots.