Following the basic steps of skin care is essential to improve the state of our complexion. Though often it might not be enough to face all the harmful threats we have to face during our daily activities. Pollution, the bad weather as well as the use of chemicals might prove to be too harsh to be easily combated with a cleanser or moisturizer. Instead in order to have baby soft skin rely on some time-tested as well as revolutionary skin spa tricks that would add a miraculous radiance to your appearance. These are some of the most useful and efficient rituals that should be embedded in our beauty care schedule for the outstanding effect.

Cleansing: Professionals might repeat themselves when accentuating the importance of cleansing. This is in face the initial phase to remove the dirt and other harmful substances from the surface of the skin. However it’s effect won’t be only visible but also important when it comes of boosting skin and tissue reproduction. Therefore use the best facial cleanser for your skin type at least one a day if you want to shorten your skin care routine. Make it preferably before you go to bed since during the night the toxins might exercise an extremely damaging effect on your complexion.

Exfoliation: Both your body and implicitly your face can benefit of the healing effect of exfoliation. By eliminating the dead cells from the surface of the complexion, the pores will be able to get rid of the excessive sebum and boost the healthy condition of tissues.

Baby soft skin can be best achieved by appealing to exfoliation at least once a week. Use either a cosmetic or natural body scrub to do it and furnish your body with a protective shield from the oil and dirt.

Soft Towels: It is a common misconception that harsh towels will do miracles with your blood flow and complexion. In fact the hard fabric will only deteriorate the condition of the skin. Therefore always opt for a soft and fluffy towel that would soak up the liquid from your body and would also prevent the appearance of wrinkles and damages.

Rubbing might be healthy when done in the course of the dry skin brushing ritual. The special texture of these brushes will increase the blood flow in the organism and would also eliminate the dead cells.

Body Lotion: It was demonstrated by the fans of alternative medicine that brown sugar added to a body lotion can pamper the skin. Baby soft complexion can be created by pouring a teaspoon of this ingredient in a soothing and nutritive lotion or body cream. All we have to do is to massage it into our skin when we step out of the shower. It is advisable to keep the skin dry and finally use a soft towel to eliminate the lotion excess.

Baby Oil: Those who are eager to enjoy the long and relaxing baths will have the chance to appeal to the use of conditioning baby oil. In order to have a shiny and spotless skin it is advisable to pour a moderate amount of this lotion into the bathwater. This will offer our skin the same treatment as it does to the hyper-sensitive complexion of children. Additionally you can also add 3 teaspoons of honey which will only further increase the pampering effect of the spa ritual.

Moisturizer: One of the secret tricks of both professionals and celebrities is to apply moisturizer on legs, arms and other critical spots and cover it with tights, gloves or other soft materials and leave it on overnight. Victoria Beckham is one of the great devotees of this ritual. Follow her example to prevent the occurrence of damages of the skin on most exposed areas.