Dealing with wrinkles is definitely not easy, as they will eventually affect your skin, but the age these wrinkles appear definitely matters. Improper skin care and bad skin habits can lead to the premature development of wrinkles as early as in your 20s, so try your best to learn how to prevent and combat wrinkles so you can enjoy your youthful skin for as long as possible.

Your skin contributes greatly to your beauty, and since it is your biggest organ, you’d better do all you can to ensure it looks and feels fabulous for as long as possible. The evolution of the cosmetic industry definitely shows as a variety of incredible, miraculous ingredients have been created, just so you can enjoy your fab, smooth and perfect skin for longer. Our skin is constantly subjected to damage caused by external factors such as UV rays, chemicals, pollution, etc, so here is how you can ensure these damages don’t lave their negative print over your skin:

It’s no surprise that ancient Egyptian queens loved to sleep on silk pillows as it seems that silk helps give a smooth look to the skin and hair, so try your best to sleep on a pillow casing made out of silk or satin. This way your wrinkles will be much smoother and you’ll wake up looking radiant.

There are 4 types of wrinkles so try to determine which ones have affected your skin. These types are fine, profound, static and dynamic. Fine wrinkles appear slowly and gradually due to lack or collagen and elastin in your skin. Profound wrinkles are much more visible and start in your muscles, beneath the skin. Static wrinkles sow all the time while dynamic ones appear only when the facial muscles start to move. By knowing which type of wrinkles have affected your skin you can determine which products are efficient for you.

Light cardio exercises such as walking are highly beneficial for your health and also help prevent the appearance of wrinkles as these exercises help get the blood pumping, ensuring a proper oxygenation of the cells, help reduce stress and reduce facial tension.

Hydrate your skin properly and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration as dry skin can look more wrinkled and dull, but wrinkles are not caused by dry skin.

Drink white and green tea or use products which contain these ingredients as they are known for benefiting the skin through their stimulating power for collagen production. White and green tea have been used for health purposes since ancient times so make the best of your skin using these miraculous ingredients.

Don’t make grimaces as they are the main cause for early wrinkle development. Your skin adapts to your mimic so try not to make funny faces as much as possible. Wear sunglasses when you are exposing yourself to the sun so your eyes are protected. This way you’ll avoid making grimaces caused by the powerful sun light.

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