Dry, windy and harsh weather outside can affect your skin so you should do your best to avoid the effect of cold weather on skin. In addition to the outside elements, central heating further affects your skin condition during the winter. 

How to Prepare Skin for Cold

Cold weather makes dry skin even drier. You should not only change your wardrobe, but also your skin care routine and products you are using. 

Swap your lotions to richer creams and oils to provide skin the necessary barrier to reduce water loss in the skin. Indeed, creams might feel heavier on the skin, but they protect better against cold temperatures and cold dry air.

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Another great tip is not to take long showers. Although the very first thing you crave for after a long cold day at work is to go home and take a never ending hot shower, you should know that it can dry out your skin on the long term. Instead, choose shorter warm baths and apply moisturizing lotion on your body right after towel drying. Also, you should use shower creams and gels instead of soap for extra nutrition. Must-try: Plus for Dry Skin Moisturizing Bath and Shower Gelee and Philosophy Great Skin Is In dry skin kit.

Winter Skin Care Products

Furthermore, this being a colder season, it does not mean that you should not be protecting your skin from sun rays. There are some creams that have sunscreen incorporated, however, you should make sure that they carry a SPF of 15 or more before buying them. For those of you spending a lot of time outdoors, the best would be to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

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You should not forget to keep your body hydrated inside and out, because it needs extra moisture during the dry cold months. So a great tip for dry skin on cold weather would be to drink at least 2 liters of water daily or sip some warm herbal tea. It will work magic for your body and mind. Admit it, what better way to spend time with your girlfriends on a cold evening? Of course, a reunion at a fancy tea house will make you feel wonderful and pampered!

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