The skin on your feet can get darker because of friction inside your shoes, and the most common reason for darker skin on your hands is prolonged exposure to UV radiation without the proper protection. Whatever the cause, if you want to lighten the skin on your hands and feet, it’s advisable to stick to a good skin care routine and experiment with some natural remedies before trying drastic solutions.

Find out how to lighten skin on hands and feet naturally or what options you have when you’re not seeing any progress with the most widely used methods.


Dry skin can be slightly darker than skin that is getting the proper moisture on a regular basis. Your first step to lighten skin on hands and feet is to make sure you’re moisturizing correctly. If you feel the skin on your hands is tight, it’s a sign of dryness so start keeping hand lotion around at all times.

Cracked heels are another big clue to dryness. Your feet might need a deep moisturizer like petroleum jelly. For very dry skin, moisturize your feet with petroleum jelly before you go to bed and make sure you’re wearing socks that won’t allow it to stain your sheets.


If you’re got the moisturizer covered, another simple answer to the question of how to lighten skin on hands and feet is to exfoliate. You don’t need to do it weekly, but twice a month is a good idea. You can use simple homemade scrubs (with oatmeal and olive oil or brown sugar and honey) or go for chemical exfoliation (with alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs).

Pay extra attention to any areas that are constantly rubbing against hard surfaces: heels, toes and the skin on your fingers that’s rubbing against rings and other jewelry on a regular basis.

Natural Skin Lightening

Natural Skin Lightening Remedies

When you’re looking for the best ways to lighten skin on hands and feet, the most simple solutions are natural skin lightening remedies that have proven their efficacy again and again.

Lemon Juice – With a high content of vitamin C, lemon juice is the perfect natural skin lightening agent. You can apply lemon rind to the darker areas, soak your hand and feet in a mixture of lemon juice and water or even try a lemon lotion (two parts lemon juice, one part rum and three parts glycerin).

Sandalwood Powder and Tomato Juice – Red sandalwood powder is an excellent way to lighten your skin. Turn it into a paste with tomato juice and keep it on your hands and feet for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Cucumber Juice and Milk – Mix equal parts of cucumber juice and milk (full fat). After application, let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Yogurt and Honey – Natural unflavored yogurt mixed with honey (half the quantity of the yogurt) makes for an excellent pack for darker skin. Rinse after 15 minutes.

Turmeric and Gram Flour – Mix equal parts of turmeric powder and gram flour with cucumber or lemon juice. Leave it on the area for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Faster Skin Lightening Remedies

If natural remedies don’t work fast enough for you, the best answer to how to lighten skin on hands and feet is to try a chemical peel. Make sure you’re choosing a professional salon and always respect their advice when it comes to skincare after the chemical peel. By removing the darker layer of skin, chemical peels can help with cell renewal and also have a good effect for skin lightening on your hands and feet.

Bleaching cream is the other obvious answer. You can find it in most drug stores, but if you’re not getting the results you want, you can also ask a dermatologist for a prescription for more concentrated bleaching creams. Make sure you read the labels of bleaching creams carefully when you’re buying over the counter. Ingredients like clobetasol propionate and a high percentage of hydroquinone have been linked to health problems.

Preventing Darker Skin on Your Hands and Feet

Sunscreen is the best way to make sure your skin will stay as light as you want after trying natural remedies or bleaching creams. Make sure your hand cream has a high SPF (30 or more) to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Choosing more comfortable shoes can also help when it comes to your feet. If your shoes are too tight, the friction between your skin and the shoe can lead to rougher, darker skin.

If you notice that your skin is rapidly changing to a darker color, the cause may also be connected to fungus infections, diabetes or poor blood circulation, so consult a dermatologist to get to the root of the problem.