The concept of beauty sleep has been scientifically by multiple studies that show how the lack of a good night’s sleep can make you look less attractive and less healthy. Discover the secrets to a great beauty sleep that will leave you rested and improve your mood.

From the right foods to eat before bedtime to vitamin and mineral deficiencies which can affect the quality of your sleep and the way you look, find out how to improve your beauty sleep.

How Important Is Beauty Sleep?

The most direct effect of sleep that’s not really restful is the dilation of blood vessels, giving you dark under-eye circles. There’s a lot more to beauty sleep than that, since a good rest improves all the functions in your body, including blood circulation, which is very important for gorgeous looking skin.

When it comes to the way your skin looks in relation to sleep, less might be more, as long as you get the rest you need. Sleeping for 10-11 hours doesn’t have better effects on your body and your beauty than sleeping 7-8 hours. If you’re sleeping less than 6 hours, you won’t get the beneficial effects of beauty sleep either, so if you’re worried about how to improve your beauty sleep, make an effort to sleep 8 hours every night, while daytime naps are optional.

How To Get Good Beauty Sleep

Just like a good workout, sleep can give you energy and improve your mood, but by helping your body function optimally, it also improves the way you look.

Beauty Sleep Essentials

Besides getting the right amount of sleep, you also need to keep your beauty sleep regular. Going to sleep and waking up at regular hours helps your body set into a comfortable sleep routine. Letting go of stress before you settle down for a rest is also important for the quality of your sleep.

The best beauty sleep you get is on your back. Sleeping on your stomach or your sides will increase friction between your face and your pillow, creating fine lines and causing fluid retention. For quality beauty sleep, make sure your head is elevated. Use either a high-thread count pillow case or a silk one to minimize any damaging effects it might have on your skin. White sheets and pillowcases are always best since they don’t contain any dyes which could irritate your skin in the long run.

Worst Things to Do Before Your Beauty Sleep

Drinking and smoking are some of the worst things you can do before going to bed, but sleeping with your TV on can be just as bad. When you’re wondering how to improve your beauty sleep, start by cutting down the alcohol. A glass of wine or two should be the limit. Drinking more will help you fall asleep easier, but your sleep won’t be as restful.

Nicotine can cause insomnia, but trying to sleep in an environment with noise and light, with the TV still on, can also reduce the quality of your beauty sleep and energy levels in the morning. Keep in mind that caffeine can take a long time to break down, so avoid sipping on coffee in the afternoon if you want a good sleep.

What to Eat to Improve Your Beauty Sleep

Stay away from big meals right before bedtime, since you want your body to focus on actual rest instead of digestion. If you need a snack before you go to sleep, go for half protein and half carbohydrates and keep it under 200 calories.

Drink Milk Before Bed

Eat something light, like 8 ounces skim milk with either half a cup of whole-grain cereal or 3-4 graham crackers. Try to avoid meat in your snack, since it will affect your beauty sleep.

Vitamins and Minerals That Improve Your Beauty Sleep

When you’re lacking important minerals and vitamins, your sleep won’t be as restful. B-complex vitamins are very important for serotonin so you might actually take them in supplement form if you’re having trouble sleeping. Essential minerals that improve your beauty sleep include calcium, zinc, iron and copper.

Bedtime Beauty Regimen

Even if you’re getting your beauty sleep, doing it without preparing your face first won’t have the same beneficial effects. Cleansing your face before going to bed is very important. Use a mild cleanser, before moving on to your moisturizer. Retinoid creams can also help your skin fight aging better, so consider introducing them in your skin care routine before getting your beauty sleep.

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