Avoid the embarrassment of getting asked if you’ve been crying by fixing those puffy eyes fast. Check out a few of the best solutions and learn how to fix puffy eyes from crying or prevent the problem completely if you can pull yourself together and act very fast, once you’re done crying.

The sodium in tears causes puffy eyes, as the very thin skin around your eyes gets irritated by it when you cry for extended periods of time. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to prevent this problem, but when you’re crying that much, you might not remember to drink some water.

Best Puffy Eyes from Crying Remedy: Prevention

The best way to prevent puffy eyes is to not rub your eyes at all. As they become itchy, rubbing them is the natural instinct, but keep your composure and stick to blotting them with a soft paper tissue or a handkerchief.

Avoid Puffy Eyes From Crying All Night

Even if you manage to not irritate the skin further, you’ll need a cold compress fast. You can use anything from a washcloth soaked in cold water to cold tea bags, but never put ice directly in contact with your skin. If you do want to use ice cubes as a puffy eyes from crying remedy, wrap them in a paper towel first.

Taking your make-up off is the next right step, only after your eyes look better. Don’t rub the skin too much while using your makeup remover or face cleanser. You can apply a cold compress again after you’ve finished cleaning your face.

Sleeping with your head elevated is another method of preventing the problem and it helps especially if you’re crying yourself to sleep, so make sure you use the right pillow.

Puffy Eyes from Crying Solutions

In the morning, one of the best puffy eyes from crying solutions is the classic cucumber. Slice a cold cucumber and apply the slices over your eyes for up to 10 minutes.

Cucumbers Against Puffy Eyes From Crying

Caffeine can also help your skin recover faster, so if you have any caffeinated tea, use the cold and wet teabags on your eyes for a faster recovery process in the morning.

If your eyes are swollen from all the crying, egg whites can help too. Apply cold whipped egg white under your eyes. Leave it on until it dries, then rinse it gently and your skin may recover faster from the unwanted puffiness.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated when you have puffy eyes from crying all night and avoid any salty foods. Sodium already caused the issue and it can aggravate it if you use salty snacks as a comfort food.

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