Lip balm can be helpful when your lips are chapped, but it’s not the only way to deal with chapped lips and sometimes it can even lead to more dryness. If you’re wondering how to get rid of chapped lips fast, you’ll need to act quickly, in order to stop the damage, and take better care of your lips in the long run.

Lip dryness can also lead to deep crack, which are often both painful and very unpleasant to look at, but using a few simple solutions, you can easily get rid of chapped lips and help them look their best again.

Most Common Causes for Chapped Lips

When it comes to dryness, environmental factors can play a big part in developing chapped lips. Dry air is a problem and so is temperature. Most people have to deal with chapped lips in the winter, but high temperatures can also make lips lose the moisture they need to look and feel good.

Lip licking is also a problem, because the enzymes in your saliva belong inside the mouth, not on your lips, where they can lead to dryness. Medication is also a frequent cause for chapped lips, so if you’re undergoing any oral treatment, ask your doctor or check the labels carefully for side effects that include chapped lips.

Brown Sugar Lips Scrub

Exfoliate Your Lips

The first thing you need to do when you’re wondering how to get rid of chapped lips fast is to exfoliate. It’s usually better to start with exfoliation, so you can make sure that any moisturizer you use gets to the healthy cells in your lip tissue and doesn’t get blocked by dead surface cells. If you’re dealing with painful deep cracks in your lips, exfoliation can add to your discomfort temporarily, but it’s a necessary step.

The easiest way to exfoliate is to use a brown sugar and olive oil lip scrub. Mix small quantities to make a paste, then gently rub it with your fingertip on your lips, in circular motions. You can also exfoliate by using your toothbrush and a baking soda paste, gently pressing it against your lips and rubbing softly in circular motions.

Moisturize Your Lips

Even a warm water compress can help your lips get back the moisture they’re missing, but if you’re wondering how to get rid of chapped lips, you’re better off using natural oils. Excellent options include castor oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil and olive oil. You don’t need to apply a thick coat that will spread, you only need a drop or two for each lip. Aloe vera gel is another great natural moisturizer for your lips, and it also has great healing powers, but unlike the others, it shouldn’t be applied if your lips have deep cracks.

Honey is a good antiseptic and can also moisturize your lips thoroughly. Mix it with a bit of glycerin and orange juice for an excellent remedy that acts as a deep moisturizer. Orange juice can be acidic, so skip it if your lips are cracked.

Timing is very important, so even if you applied a good oil on your lips during the day, never forget to moisturize your lips before going to bed.

Lip Balm For Chapped Lips

Things to Avoid When Your Lips Are Chapped

One of the best ways to get rid of chapped lips fast is to make sure you’re avoiding any irritants. Acidic foods, including freshly squeezed citrus fruit juice, can cause discomfort if they come in contact with your lips a lot, and spicy foods can also cause an unpleasant sensation, especially on cracked lips.

Other irritants which can contribute to chapped lips include tooth paste, along with lip plumpers and even saliva if you keep licking your lips.

Use the Right Lip Balm Regularly

A good lip balm can sometimes be the best answer to the question of how to get rid of chapped lips fast. Avoid any lip balms that contain camphor, which gives lip products their “addictive” reputation. Organic lip balms have less irritants, and they can help your lips.

Other drug store lip healing balms should contain panthenol and lanolin, but if your lips are extra sensitive, try the natural remedies before buying a special lip balm. Don’t forget to choose products that also offer SPF for maximum protection for your lips.

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