Bad skin days won’t spare anyone, and it’s these emergency moments which can make you frustrated, as they tend to appear when you least expect them and exactly when you wouldn’t want them to. To tackle these unforeseen situations, make sure you’ve got the right remedy for various beauty emergency situations.

Beauty shouldn’t have a day-off, so make sure you maintain your look impeccable by learning how to deal with different situations which could make you look less than fabulous. Various beauty tips and tricks can save you from unwanted situations, so make sure you give the following ones a try.

Tea bags for puffy eyes Puffy eyes can make you look tired and they are a definite no-no if you want to look radiant. There are a few tricks such as cucumber slices as well as tea bags which can help diminish the appearance of puffy eyes, thus helping refresh your look. Dip two green tea bags into boiling water and drain them. Let them cool in your freezer for a couple of minutes and then apply them on your eyes (closed) for about 5 minutes. The antioxidant properties of the green tea and the coolness of the bags will help de-puff your eyes and make you look refreshed.

Powder for oily skin A shiny forehead is not sexy, so trying to keep your skin as less oily as possible is a plus as far as beauty goes. The complexion tends to get oily especially after eating, so prevent your face from becoming oily by applying some powder in the morning and if necessary in the afternoon also. Opt for a mineral, loose powder that’s gentle to your skin and doesn’t clog your pores.

Toothpaste for pimples A pimple always tends to appear when you least want to, so if you find yourself with a red zit on your complexion, apply toothpaste on it overnight and its redness will gradually fade. However, make sure you just apply the toothpaste on the problem spot to avoid irritating your skin. The active ingredients in toothpaste do work, so give this remedy a try whenever necessary.

Concealer A concealer and a brush can be your best friends when you’re getting ready for a date and a pimple is just trying its best to make its presence obvious. Use a brush dipped in concealer to hide imperfections and carry the products with you so you can retouch your makeup whenever necessary.

Gold eyeshadow for tired eyes Your skin and eye have to look fresh if you want to look glowing every time, but unfortunately all of us have bad days and your eyes can’t fool anyone. However, with the right tricks you can perk up your eyes. Use a gold eyeshadow on the inside corner of the eyes to brighten them up. A touch of of highlighter on your cheeks is all you need next if you want to look radiant.

Easy Emergency Beauty Tips

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