If you’re looking for improvements in your beauty routine without a lot of fuss, you can easily improve the way your skin looks just by adjusting a few habits. Give your skin a boost with a few simple tips that minimize several negative factors.

Discover 10 easy ways to get better skin, that can have a big impact on your skin’s health and look without tiresome and expensive beauty treatments.

1. Choose Your Cleanser Correctly

You can see an improvement in the way your looks and feels even if you simply change your cleanser. A soap-free facial cleanser is the right to go, whether you’re washing your face with soft water or hard water. Unlike soap, it won’t lather, but its main benefit is that it won’t leave chemical residue behind or dry your skin needlessly.

2. Adjust the Water Temperature When Washing Your Face

One of the truly easy ways to get better skin is to simply make sure that your skin comes in contact with hot water as little as possible. Besides sucking the moisture out of your skin, hot water can also cause irritation. When you’re washing your face, always go for lukewarm water and skip the hot showers or baths.

Non Scrub Skin Exfoliation

3. Go for Scrub-Free Exfoliation

Using a scrub once or twice a week doesn’t have the same impact as using a chemical exfoliator every day. You can get the right AHAs or BHAs for a proper exfoliation in plenty of products, but you can also try to improve the look of your skin the natural way, by gently rubbing the skin with fruits that contain high AHA levels, including strawberries and mango.

4. Protect Your Skin From UV Radiation Indoors

When you’re not wearing the right SPF outdoors, your skin will age quicker. One of the easy ways to get better skin is to also protect your skin indoors! When you’re spending a lot of time by a window or in the car, you’re not safe from UVA radiation, so make sure you use a moisturizer with the right SPF for your skin type every day.

5. Start Using Retinoids In Your 30s

While prescription retinoids can be harsh on sensitive skin, over the counter products should be safe and useful for every woman. Start using them in your 30s, before bedtime, to keep your skin looking beautiful. While you may experience initial side-effects, like a little redness, retinoids will have a great impact on your skin in the long run.

Retinoid Creams In Your 30s

6. Stop Rubbing Your Skin

Protecting your skin from unnecessary frictions is definitely one of the easy ways to get better skin. Forget about rubbing yourself dry after a shower and gently pat yourself dry with a soft towel. It’s also a good idea to go with soft fabrics for clothing items that are constantly moving against your skin.

7. Avoid High-Glycemic Foods

While chocolate gets a bad rep for causing acne, the truth is that eating or drinking a lot of sugar is the true culprit in most food-related skin issues. That doesn’t just mean sweets! Any high-glycemic foods that quickly break down into sugars are dangerous, including white bread and pasta. Try to eat more fiber instead of refined carbs and you might see a big improvement in your skin.

8. Cut Back on Dairy

Studies have shown that dairy can definitely have an impact on your skin, whether it’s skim or organic. The exact cause of the relationship between a high dairy intake and breakouts isn’t known, but eating and drinking less dairy does help. It’s one of the easy ways to get better skin when you’re dealing with acne. If you’re already eating very little dairy, your skin won’t automatically improve if you cut back even more.

Drink Green Tea For Better Skin

9. Fight Irritation With Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants, green tea can reduce inflammation in your entire body and that also means reduced skin issues. Drink it daily and you’ll also benefit from its many other healthy properties.

10. Manage Stress and Get a Good Sleep

It might seem like one of the easy ways to get better skin, but some people simply can’t manage their stress correctly or sleep around 7-8 hours every night. Learning to reduce stress and getting the rest you need can have a crucial impact on your entire body, from skin to energy levels.

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