There are 4 basic types of skin: dry, normal, oily and combination. Dry skin is characterized by fragile and irritable skin that can flakes easily. It usually has a paper feel and can cause itching.

Dry skin can be caused by two things:

lack of natural oil called sebum

lack of water caused by dehydration

Because every type of skin is different, they require different types of skin care products. Some products are destined to work and benefit just one type of skin and don’t benefit others. Simply because of that it is crucial to determine the type of skin before purchasing any skin care products.

Here are some tips to help you deal with your skin if you determined it to be dry:

Cleanse your face using only mild cleansers, to avoid drying your skin even more. Avoid using soap to clean your complexion because they contain harsher ingredients which will strip away the sebum an cause your skin to dry out even more. Opt for a rich creamy, oil based cleanser which will sooth and help your skin feel softer.

Exfoliate your skin whenever it starts to peel because gentle scrubs will help remove the dead skin cells and promote skin cell renewal.

Moisturize the skin as often as you need to. Moisturizers are great because they help restore skins elasticity and moisture, soothing the skin. If you are a green person you can try to make your own homemade moisturizers.

Increase the water intake in your skin because dehydration might aid the dryness of your complexion. A person should normally drink about 8 glasses of water a day so try to increase your water intake.

Hydrating masks are very beneficial for the skin as they try to penetrate the skin deeper. Pamper your dry skin with a highly moisturizing mask purchased or homemade with natural ingredients. There are a variety of homemade facial recipes with natural ingredients for your skin’s needs.

Protect your skin from damaging environmental factors like sun damage, wind and cold temperatures which can strip the moisture out of your skin and accentuate the dryness.

Skin care is very important if you wish to have healthy, youthful looking skin, so make sure you indulge in a regular skin care routine.