Collagen drinks have been known in Japan for a long time now, and had just started entering the Western countries as well, due to the fact that they are said to have multiple esthetic benefits. Although the scientific evidence backing up these claims are not so numerous, women all over the world, including celebrities, have started using these collagen drinks more and more.

Among the collagen drink benefits is the reversal of skin aging. This incredible benefit has been attributed to these drinks as a result of the fact that collagen, together with elastin, are known to be able to provide a kind of skin shell. Nonetheless, collagen is much more important than elastin, as it provides approximately 30% skin support, while elastin provides just about 5% of that.

Collagen Drinks – New Celebrity Beauty Craze

The reason for which collagen is so important to the skin and to the outside aspect of it is due to the protein bundles that collagen forms just beneath the epidermis. These actually hold the skin up and give it its smooth and firm aspect. However, sun damage, getting older, poor nutrition and toxin exposure destroy the collagen and leave the skin wrinkled and fragile. This is the part where collagen drinks intervene, as according to the few studies conducted on them, they can replace the collagen layer of the skin and therefore build new bundles of protein that in turn can rejuvenate it.

Collagen drinks usually contain different amino acids derived from seaweed, as these help in building the skin’s collagen chains. However, although these are essential to collagen reconstruction, they also produce one of the collagen drinks side effects, as they make the drinks taste rather bad. On the other hand, they add peptides to these drinks that once entered the body produce some shorter chains of amino acids.

In addition, some products of this kind also contain hyaluronic acid that is better known to people, as dermatologists use it in injections meant to plump the skin up. Nonetheless, while these injections are quite acceptable as price, the collagen drinks supplies for one year might end up costing even $2,100.

Although there are no real evidences that collagen drinks can actually improve the aspect of the skin and make it look younger, there are other benefits that these drinks have. For instance, the peptides in them are known to be able to alleviate arthritis symptoms and to also improve bone density. On the other hand, it is still unknown just how much of these drinks must be consumed in order for their benefits to show. Additionally, it looks like just some collagen molecules can have a positive influence on this disease, while others can only make it worse.

All in all, those with different ailments must consume collagen drinks only after they ask the advice of a specialist. As far as television stars, actors and supermodels are concerned, it looks like now they are drinking beauty products instead of using them externally. Although most dermatologists warn that there is no direct way for the drunken collagen to go towards the skin, collagen drinks are still widely successful among celebrities.

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