Remember Marilyn Monroe's signature beauty mark? Indeed it's not unique, though people seem to hide moles rather than accentuating them. Celebrities are not spotless, literally, however they make the difference by sporting these little accessories with amazing confidence. Learn more about the most popular celebrity beauty marks.

It\'s a general tendency that a mole is not really a beauty mark rather a flaw, that must be masked or terminated. Fortunately there are socialites who seem to bring these tiny accessories into the spotlight as one of the signature traits that brought them fame.

Indeed more and more celebrities decide to keep them and more use it to bring out the best of their look. Marilyn Monroe was the for-mother of this style, she managed to convert millions to have fake beauty marks as the ultimate sex-appeal.

Angelina Jolie Beauty Mark Sarah Jessica Parker Beauty Mark

Without a doubt those days are gone, unless people come to terms with their complexion with these itsy-bitsy details. Learn to live with them you might even find the beauty of these beauty dots. These celebrities won\'t have to fake their sex-appeal with an eye pencil. Mother Nature gifted them with an mass-envied accessory.

Eva Mendes, who was endless times voted the most feminine socialite on earth wears her beauty mark also with great pride. Complementing her beautiful skin tone, she openly admits that it is undeniably one of her sex-appeals. Following the example of old-time divas she chose to wear it with confidence.

Eva Mendes Beauty Mark Mariah Carey Beauty Mark

Moreover it seems that Mother Nature blessed her with the ghostly alter ego of Marilyn Monro\'s beauty dot right on her left cheek. Mariah Carey further popularizes this trend by flashing her signature mark. Apparently she also came to terms with her great complexion enriched by this little detail.

Natalie Portman can be also enlisted in the crew of beauty spotted celebrities. The young actress besides amazing the public with her talent and quick makeovers, is a great example of how a beauty mark can be worn with refined taste. Her makeup follows the latest trends carefully blending that little mark into her overall look.

Natalie Portman Beauty Mark Kate Winslet Beauty Mark

Kate Winslet is one of the best paid professionals in Hollywood, besides managing to make the public accept her feminine curves, she also succeeded in making her beauty mark a real signature trait.