In a time of tanning lotions, spray tanning, tanning beds and natural tanning, it seems more and more people are opting for a darker skin color. Fair skin is considered to be very sensitive, it burns easily if exposed to the sun, but it has a certain aristocratic feel to it.

Fair skin has been considered a long time ago to be the noble, the ‘color’ of the high class society.

In a time where fewer and fewer people are born with this type of complexion it is obvious that it will gain terrain. People tend to like tings that they don’t have and fair skin is one of them.

Of the few celebrities who were born with this type of complexion and seem to love their milky skin are:

Nicole Kidman was born with this type of soft, milky, ceramic like skin. Her fair skin complexion makes her look like she is a ceramic doll. She looks perfect and glamorous every time. For sure no one could picture Nicole with a tanned skin.

Kirsten Stewart is best known for her role in the vampire love story “Twilight”. It seems her role suited her perfectly due to her milky, pale skin. This type of complexion seems to suit her perfectly, making her look even more attractive.

nicole kidman kirsten stewart

Taylor Swift looks gorgeous with her fair complexion. Her pale skin enhances her eyes, making her look adorable.

Scarlett Johansson is a very beautiful fair skinned American actress. Her milky skin offers her only advantages, enhancing her eyes and the color of her hair. Scarlett’s fair skin complexion makes her look even more sensual and attractive.

taylor swift scarlet johansson

Fair skin seems to have caught everyone’s attention because of the sophisticated and elegant look it helps create. To get a lighter skin you could try a foundation which is one shade lighter than your own skin, homemade natural skin whitening or skin lightening products.