From the most obvious dangers that can affect your skin to more hidden perils, the youthful and glowing look of your skin won’t last long if you don’t care for it properly. Find out how to protect your skin from premature aging or health problems by avoiding the biggest dangers to skin.

Make sure you keep your complexion looking its best by preventing any premature damage for your skin. Find out what could be hurting your skin whether the effects aren’t visible yet.

Lack of Sunscreen

One of the biggest mistakes you can do in the summertime is to rely on your makeup to provide the adequate SPF to prevent the effects of damaging UV rays. Using makeup with SPF is a good idea, but it’s never a substitute for actual sunscreen, especially when you’re out in the sun for long. Even BB creams that go over your entire face and neck can fail to protect your skin the way proper sunscreen would.

Skin Dryness


When your skin feels tight, you’re not taking care of it properly. Dryness is one of the biggest dangers to skin because it can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, while also making your skin less effective in protecting your body from outside infection. Make sure you always keep your skin moisturized with the right lotion to maintain its youthful aspect for longer.

Excessive Moisture

Even when you’re not experiencing dryness, you still have to be careful about excessive moisture, which can also become one of the biggest dangers to skin. Whether it’s caused by clothes that retain moisture and keep it close to your skin or shapewear, moisture can lead to rashes and even yeast infections. Use protective gloves for any household cleaning that would otherwise keep your hands wet for a long time.

Topical Medication

Once you’ve got the three basics down, you might be dealing with some of the other biggest dangers to skin, some completely hidden. Topical medication for your skin should only be used at the recommendation of a specialist, even if it’s over the counter. Steroid creams are one of the biggest problems when used for an extended period of time. They can cause thinning of the skin and even create superficial wrinkles.


While protecting your skin, you might overlook one of the most modern ways you can unknowingly hurt it. By using a laptop in your lap without any protection, you risk burning your skin, not just through the heat, but also through infrared radiation. The first sign is a reddish rash on the thighs and continuing to keep the heated PC next to your skin will make the problem even worse. Make sure you always keep a special pad or even a throw pillow between your portable computer and your lap.

Salon Treatments

Going in for a mani-pedi can also be dangerous. One of the biggest dangers to skin has to do with improper hygiene in salons. From instruments that aren’t cleaned thoroughly to whirlpool footbaths, there are plenty of ways in which you could get a bacterial infection or even a fungus. If you’re experiencing a rash after leaving the salon, get it checked out quickly and find a new salon if your dermatologist says it may have something to do with less hygienic practices.

Metal Skin Irritation


Most metal allergies are noticed because of jewelry, but your ears, neck and wrists aren’t the only places where metal can cause an ugly rash. Nickel from the buttons and snaps on jeans can also cause ugly rashes on your lower abdomen. If you’re dealing with red marks that fade away minutes after removing your jeans, you’re in the clear, but you should check out any red bumps in areas that come in contact with metals.

Oral Contraceptives

Hormonal birth control can have many effects on your skin and continuing to use it when you know it’s wrong for you is one of the biggest dangers to skin. Ask your doctor for a different oral contraceptive if you’re experiencing very oily skin and melasma.


Many dermatologists recommend giving up dairy products for patients who real with severe acne. Even if you’ve never noticed any signs of lactose intolerance, your skin might still be suffering because of your dairy intake.

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